Community Partners

Red Hot Summer Camps is proud to have partnered with such amazing local groups. Please learn more about the community partners who will be hosting camps with us this summer. 
SPARK Business Academy

SPARK Business academy

SPARK Business Academy is an innovative, educational organization with the mission to empower students of all ages with essential financial literacy skills and an entrepreneurial mindset. SPARK currently partners with over 300 high-performing schools across the US and several schools around the world.  SPARK’s unique programs have been praised as pioneering by Business Week, Bloomberg TV, Georgetown Business and international publications.

johns hopkins university bioeyes

Developed in 2002, BioEYES ( is a K-12 science education and outreach program of the Department of Biology in the Krieger School of Arts & Sciences at Johns Hopkins University. BioEYES uses live zebrafish to spark students’ interest in genetics and developmental biology. Zebrafish are commonly used in scientific research as they are physiologically and genetically similar (70%) to humans. They are great for education too. As kids tell us, "watching the fish grow and caring for them was so much fun!" We are embedded in Baltimore City Public Schools and are excited to bring the program to Roland Park Country School for the first time!

BioEYES logo
Superhero Camp logo

Perfectly Me

At Perfectly Me SuperHero Camp, we believe that every kid is a superhero. Did you know that superheroes need to train? They do! And our camp is a superhero training program for strengthening supervalues while having fun. What are supervalues? Well, we think supervalues are what makes kids heroes - supervalues like kindness, creativity, and confidence! And if kids participate in intentionally designed, supervalues-building activities, they will be kinder, more helpful and more community-minded.

Baltimore tennis patrons

Tennis makes an incredible difference in the lives of those who play. The game of tennis improves health and fitness, enhances motor skills for all sports and athletics, builds character, develops self-confidence and self-esteem, and promotes fair play and integrity. BTP brings the lifetime sport of tennis and its enduring life lessons to communities throughout Greater Baltimore. With the primary goal of promoting healthy activity and individual development, BTP conducts programs year-round for youth, adults and seniors, including instructional programs, team tennis programs and competitive leagues.

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Ivy Camps logo

ivy camps

Ivy Camps provides supplemental education to kids around the world through skill-based curriculum taught by trained instructors from top US universities. Ivy Camps partners with schools, governments, and other academic institutions to provide interactive, premium education services in 75 different topics ranging from public speaking to business, all while maintaining FUN as the cornerstone of the learning journey.

Charm City music school

At Charm City Music School we, the instructors, strive to create an immersive experience in music for the whole community. In our role guiding developing musicians, we seek to promote and protect the love of music in our students while we help them navigate the challenging and exciting journey of studying this beautiful art form. In our time with our students, we aim to connect with them as their mentors and friends, and introduce them to concepts and habits that can be truly life-changing, as we help them to learn, grow, and gain in confidence and maturity. We are privileged to be able to watch our students flourish as they work side by side with classmates and instructors to discover the best that music has to offer them, and hope that you will join us on this wonderful adventure.

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Harford Heights logo

Harford heights

Harford Heights Child Care has been providing child care services since 1984 in the Baltimore metro area. The staff and administration pride themselves on being able to provide peace of mind for working parents: knowing their children are well cared for, so they may focus on family economic goals. All HH programs are licensed and approved by the MSDE's Office of Child Care. Site Directors at Harford Heights have between five and 15 years of child care experience and have a degree or more than the minimum qualifications for a program director. Mrs. Amanda Eversley, Operations Director, is a proud graduate of Johns Hopkins University with a Masters Degree in School Supervision and Administration. All staff on site are CPR and Frist Aid certified and complete professional development courses annually. In addition, each after care site strives to hire a student from the school in which they are housed.

Starting the Summer of 2022, Harford Heights partnered with Roland Park Country to provide summer camps (with before and after care), and during the school year to provide after care. It has been wonderful to be part of such an amazing partnership!

charm city players imagination 101

At Charm City Players we strongly believe in the power of the performing arts to unite people of diverse backgrounds and to help realize the fullest potential of communities and the individuals who live in them. Through the power of exceptional theatre and arts education we offer a unique opportunity for students, teachers, performers and audiences to deepen their experience and engagement with the life-affirming and community-building impact of music, theatre and dance.

Charm City Players Imagination 101 logo
Pedal Power logo

pedal power

At PedalPower Kids, getting more kids on bikes starts with providing high-quality, professional, encouraging instruction that builds confidence and trust. In my own experiences as a parent, and from what I hear daily from friends and customers, teaching your own child a new skill can be challenging and frustrating, to put it mildly! PedalPower Kids Learn to Ride lessons, camps and group programs build lifelong riders because we use proven methods, personalized approaches to each learner and we have fun!

sage dining

At SAGE, we don't just make food. We believe in the power of education. Our presence on campus extends from the dining hall to the classroom and beyond. We want students to ask questions: Where is it from? How was it made? Which ingredients did you use? Food is both an art and a science. SAGE is here to give you the best of both.

Sage Dining logo