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At Perfectly Me SuperHero Camp, we believe that every kid is a superhero. Did you know that superheroes need to train? They do! And our camp is a superhero training program for strengthening supervalues while having fun. What are supervalues? Well, we think supervalues are what makes kids heroes - supervalues like kindness, creativity, and confidence! And if kids participate in intentionally designed, supervalues-building activities, they will be kinder, more helpful and more community-minded. How do we know that? Well, last summer, Engage with Data conducted an independent evaluation and the results were outstanding. For campers who participated in two weeks or more of camp:

  • 96% of parents surveyed felt their child was more likely to show kindness and compassion by taking other people's feelings into account;
  • 96% of families felt like their child was more generous and more likely to enjoy helping others; and
  • 92% of all parents surveyed felt their child was more likely to enjoy learning about other people and places.

Our Superhero Camps are looking for counselors-in-training who are kind, compassionate, hardworking, patient, fun individuals who want to change the world. If you are a Middle School or Upper School student looking for an amazing summer experience, learn more about our counselors-in-training program here and follow the instructions to sign up for this amazing experience!

This summer will be better than ever! Read our brochure here