MS Students Participate in Virtual Model UN Summit

MS Students Participate in Virtual Model UN Summit


Last weekend, nine amazing RPCS Middle School students participated in a virtual Model UN Summit through the Pennsylvania YMCA. These students each represented a country and participated in discussions surrounding nuclear power, oppressive governments, women’s rights and more with five other delegations made up of over 60 students from Maryland, Pennsylvania and New Jersey.

Our students were assigned a country by Mrs. Hoffman, K-8 History Department Chair and Middle School History Teacher. The students then prepared for the conference by spending two weeks researching their country and how their country would react to different situations in the discussions they would participate in. During the summit, they had to discuss world problems not how they saw it, but how their country would.

Trinity B. and Sydney G., both class of 2025, spoke to the challenges of this shift in perspective. “I represented Pakistan,” Trinity commented, “and when speaking about women’s rights and the rights of their people in general, I had to voice opinions that were upsetting to my own code of morals, but that had to be said because that’s how my country would have reacted.” Sydney, who represented the Democratic Republic of Congo, added that she felt the same, but that it challenged her to debate on a topic that she didn’t actually agree with, and that she felt more confident after these discussions because she was able to reflect on her own opinions and knew she had effectively accomplished the task she had been given.

In addition to speaking in small groups and the General Assembly, the students also participated in an International Criminal Court and played the role of either prosecutor or defender in a case against Pol Pot or Harry Truman. The majority of our team enjoyed this part of the Summit the most.

Special congratulations go to members of our delegation for earning special awards! A full list of the awards that our students received is listed below. Lily A. earned the Four Core Values Award, as she represented caring, respect, responsibility and honesty throughout her experience. Our Democratic Republic of the Congo team, made up of Krisha G., Sashi K. and Sydney G., earned the Outstanding Country award for their preparedness and enthusiasm. Krisha also earned the Premier Diplomat award for her particular passion and knowledge.

Our students decided to join this group to see how it would prepare them to be a member of the Model UN group in high school, and if international policies might be something they want to pursue. It was unanimous that their experience was a positive one, and that among the friendships they made and awards they earned, this Summit is something they would recommend for all Middle School students to attend.

Well done for the entire Middle School Model UN team and all that they accomplished over the weekend!

Student Awards:

  1. Krisha G. (Democratic Republic of the Congo) - Outstanding Country Award, Premier Diplomat Award
  2. Sashi K. (Democratic Republic of the Congo) - Outstanding Country Award, Outstanding Preparation Award
  3. Sydney G. (Democratic Republic of the Congo) - Outstanding Country Award
  4. Christina C. - Australia and New Zealand - Outstanding Brief Award
  5. Lilly A. (Australia and New Zealand) - Four Core Values Award
  6. Sam A. (Australia and New Zealand) - Outstanding Preparation Award
  7. Sasha S. (Pakistan) - Outstanding Brief Award
  8. Amani S. (Pakistan) - Outstanding Preparation Award
  9. Trinity B. (Pakistan) - Character Development Award