Making Time for Wellness

Making Time for Wellness
This winter, our Middle School and Upper School students were able to relax, recharge and reset through daily activities during our annual Wellness Week! At Roland Park Country School, we want our students to live healthy and be well and learn how to meaningfully incorporate mental, physical and emotional wellness into their daily lives.
Middle School Wellness Week
Middle School Counselor Leigh Eisele and Middle School Dean of Students Elisha James planned a fantastic Wellness Week for the students in grades 6-8. Each day had a different focus, such as Environmental Wellness, where students took brain breaks and went for walks in the neighborhood to connect with nature. Mid-week, students selected “Wednesday Wellness Activities” to participate in together, including games, baking desserts, playing Pictionary and making tea. Throughout the week, students were assigned reduced or limited homework to instead focus on activities that keep them well, but were encouraged to read books for pleasure as an important form of self-care. Pictured below is a Middle School yoga class focusing on wellness through movement.
Upper School Wellness Week
Our Student Wellness Organization (SWO) took the lead on planning the Upper School Wellness Week, which kicked off with our annual Health Fair! The fair included multiple student-run booths on self-care, body image, counseling, therapy dogs and healthy treats. Like the Middle School, every day focused on a different theme. For example, Wednesday was Nutritional Wellness Day and students were encouraged to make a donation to Project HEAL, a non-profit organization committed to ensuring access to quality treatment for people with eating disorders. SWO members also shared their favorite recipes and organized and led nutritional wellness presentations and discussions during class meetings – which will culminate in a grade-wide cookbook. Additionally, Upper School students participated in nature walks through the Backwoods on campus.
Both the Middle School and Upper School students also enjoyed yoga classes, visiting with the Director of Libraries Ms. Fox’s therapy dog Lumi (pictured below), and a two hour delay on Wednesday morning. On Friday, the students enjoyed the poke bowl bar and yogurt parfait bar in the dining hall as a perfect way to end the week. We hope our students feel centered and recharged after this week and we will continue to provide opportunities that promote mental, physical and emotional wellness throughout the school year!