RPCS Alumnae Offer Sneak Peek Into College Life

RPCS Alumnae Offer Sneak Peek Into College Life
“To know the road ahead, ask those coming back,” goes the famous Chinese proverb. Roland Park Country School seniors did just that when nine alumnae from the classes of 2016, 2017 and 2018 returned to campus on January 15 to impart their wisdom about college life to the 12th graders.
Grouped into three sections with the RPCS college counselors and their advisees, the alumnae shared details about their university experiences thus far, including their individual paths to selecting their schools, the ups and downs of living with roommates, adjusting to larger class sizes and managing expectations of different grading systems.
The seniors got a glimpse into what lies ahead as the graduates described the cultures at their respective schools, their current course loads and how RPCS helped them prepare academically for college classes. The seniors were encouraged to seek help from a teacher or counselor if they feel overwhelmed or hit bumps in the road once they are in college. “If you reach out your hand, someone will take it,” said Hadassah James, 2018, a freshman and dance major at University of Maryland Baltimore County. She also cautioned students to resist the urge to try every new activity in their first semester. “Put your best foot forward, but know you can’t do everything at once.”
Additionally, the RPCS graduates offered sage advice to the high school seniors in their final months of school: Enjoy the comfort of RPCS. And appreciate living at home while you can. Take lots of pictures. Don’t rush your senior year. Live in the moment and enjoy it! Spend time with loved ones. “Growing up sneaks up on you,” said November Buchanan, 2018, a freshman at the Notre Dame of Maryland University. “And paying for things yourself is not fun!”
A huge thank you to the following alumnae who took the time to visit RPCS before they head back to college for the spring semester!
  • November Buchanan, 2018, Notre Dame of Maryland University
  • Maddie Buttarazzi, 2017, University of Tampa
  • Caitlin Ellwanger, 2018, Denison University
  • Georgie Finney, 2016, University of Delaware
  • Hadassah James, 2018, University of Maryland Baltimore County
  • Bee Kinstle, 2017, Sarah Lawrence College
  • Isa Layton, Class of 2018, University of Maryland College Park
  • Lexi Orlinsky, Class of 2017, Columbia University
  • Kendall Ross, Class of 2018, New York University