Cultivating a Professional Network: RPCS Alumnae Connect with Upper School Students to Discuss their Career Paths

Nine RPCS graduates gave their time to discuss their personal career paths. Pictured above: Savonne Ferguson, 1991, Angela Leasca, 2011 , Sara Saxon Rentfro, 2009, Morgan Lambert, 2010, Parveen Saluja Dhillon, 1992, Regina Boone, 1988, Alice Chung Cootauco, 1992, Liz Serotte, 1998,  Olivia Slawinski, 2010.
Roland Park Country School alumnae and students gathered on October 19, 2018 for the third annual Professional Connections program. Organized by the Alumnae Office, nine RPCS graduates gave their time to discuss their personal career paths with small groups of Upper School students. 
The alumnae individually shared their insights and advice about the limitless possibilities for jobs to pursue after an RPCS education, from engineering, medicine and law, to photojournalism, cybersecurity, video production, writing, and marketing. The students asked the speakers thoughtful questions about how Roland Park Country School impacted their lives beyond graduation, if they had any regrets selecting their career choices, and how often and where they travel for their jobs. 
Regina Boone, 1988, a photojournalist, whose work has been featured on the cover of TIME magazine, shared how her RPCS education shaped who she is today. “The school taught me confidence, how to speak up and right wrongs, and face challenges head on.” Ms. Boone acknowledged the difficulties in navigating the ups and downs of high school and is grateful for those experiences and how they ultimately prepared her for the real world. She also urged students in the audience to remember that the words that they use now among their classmates have an impact that can last well beyond graduation.
Meanwhile, down the hall, Alice Chung Cootauco, 1992, spoke about her journey to becoming a physician specializing in obstetrics and gynecology at University of Maryland St. Joseph Medical Center. Dr. Cootauco also discussed how she balances her job and family and how she is encouraged that women today can enjoy both a successful career and a happy personal life. 
Morgan Lambert, 2010, a video producer and marketing manager, talked to her group of students about the importance of going out on a limb and how taking risks can pay off, especially to help launch a career in a competitive industry.
Students also heard about the importance of trusting their intuition from Sarah Saxon Rentfro2009,an architectural engineer. “I wasn’t always completely sure of myself, but with every accomplishment, I would take hold of it and see where it took me.”  She also urged students not to worry if they don’t have a clear idea of what they want to do after college. “You don’t need to know what direction you are headed in right now. Just pay attention to things you are passionate about and like to do and see where it takes you.”
Students also enjoyed presentations by Savonne Ferguson, 1991, senior legal counsel at T. Rowe Price; Parveen Saluja Dhillon, 1992,author of Sikh Books for children and an educator and connector; Liz Serotte, 1998, vice president of brand marketing for the Fearless Girlcampaign; Olivia Slawinski, 2010, a counterterrorism intelligence analyst for the FBI and Terrorist Screening Center; and Angela Leasca, 2011, a pediatric nurse at the University of Maryland.
The Roland Park Country School community is so grateful to these alumnae speakers who shared their time, talent and wisdom with the Upper School students.