Akailah McIntyre Named Director of Diversity and Inclusion

Roland Park Country School Head of School Caroline Blatti is pleased to announce that Akailah McIntyre has been appointed Director of Diversity and Inclusion effective July 1, 2018.
“We are thrilled that Akailah is joining our community here at RPCS," says Caroline Blatti. "A committed educator who cares deeply about diversity, equity, and inclusion, Akailah will blend her hands-on style with an exemplary research background at Vanderbilt University. A curious and open-minded educator, Akailah possesses strong skills as a listener and will be a supportive thought partner for parents, faculty, students and administrators.”
Akailah came to work in education after earning a bachelor’s degree in Sociology and American Studies and a master’s degree in Learning, Diversity, and Urban Studies, both from Vanderbilt University. Her master’s degree work focused on the ideal strategies for educating diverse female students in the classroom.
Akailah served as a member of various research teams at Vanderbilt University, ultimately publishing in peer-reviewed journals about the best educational practices for minority students. She also built and implemented curriculum that focused on matters of diversity and inclusion and trained teachers on effective means of educating diverse youth. She has presented her work in multiple academic settings, including at Columbia University.
“I am thrilled to be joining the RPCS community as we deepen our understanding of matters of Diversity and Inclusion,” says Akailah. “Specifically, at a girls’ school, it is critical that we evaluate the ways in which women and girls are viewed in our society and how we can best equip our students and faculty to face the world as culturally competent, empowered individuals.
“What is incredible about this position is that it touches on every facet of the school. From the textbooks students engage with and the clubs they join, to the accessibility of the workplace for our faculty and the holidays we recognize, diversity and inclusion are ubiquitous.
“I am thankful to be in a community that acknowledges that diversity and inclusion are not simply an afterthought, but quite frankly, what make every one of us unique. Diversity and inclusion are, fundamentally, about the stories that we all hold within us. Who are we? How did we become who we are? What do we need in order to be our best selves? How can we ensure that the environments that we inhabit best serve everyone? Diversity and inclusion are, unequivocally, for us all.”