Head of School Caroline Blatti is pleased to announce that 15 students in the senior and junior classes were inducted into the School’s Cum Laude Chapter on April 10, 2018, marking the 54th Anniversary of Cum Laude at RPCS. Delivering the Margareta A. Faissler Lecture at the induction was Cum Laude member and alumna Alisha Williams, 2005.

Dr. Abram W. Harris, Director of the Tome School in Port Deposit, Maryland, founded the Cum Laude Society in 1906 to honor scholarship in secondary schools. It was originally founded as Alpha Delta Tau: Alpha representing Arete/Excellence; Delta representing Dike/Justice and Tau representing Time/Honor. In 1916, the name was changed to Cum Laude (with honor/praise) and incorporated under the laws of the state of Maryland. Since Dr. Harris and his associates believed that chapters should be established only in schools of superior academic quality, the group moved slowly in granting new chapters. In 1963, Roland Park Country School became the first girls’ school in Maryland to establish a chapter of the Cum Laude Society. 
The motto of the Society stresses excellence, justice and honor in the broadest sense and students who are elected have demonstrated good character, honor and integrity in all aspects of their school life. In addition to students’ academic achievement other factors for membership include: rigorous academic progress, intellectual curiosity, love of learning and the desire to seek academic challenge.
Head of School Caroline Blatti awarded certificates to the students with the following Cum Laude Charge:
            The distinguished record you have made at RPCS has won for you membership
            in the Cum Laude Society. This Society is a fellowship of scholars whose
            purpose is to recognize excellence in academic work. As you pursue your
            education, it is our hope that you will accept the honor of membership in this
            Society as a responsibility to make some contribution to the ongoing search
            for greater understanding of humans and society.
The following seniors were inducted:
Genevieve Gordon Block
Ava Bonanno Drum
Kennedy Gray Manley
Elizabeth Ruby McAslan
Kendall Kamille Ross
Alexis Marni Silverman
Quincy Kathleen Sugiuchi
Alexandra Leigh Wyss
The following juniors were inducted:
Amber Lynn Bustard
Gabrielle Elise Emge
Casey Jule Feinstein
Yichen (Sherry) Lian
Oyinade Ifeoluwa Oyenusi
Emma Taylor Wang
Taja Marie Washington
These seniors were inducted last year as juniors:
Olivia Victoria Cohen
Lacey Diane Johnson
Prabhnoor Kaur
Jaden Marie Meichan Kielty
Emma Coulbourne Shaw
Hyojeong Shin
Emma Irene Sunderland
Qiwen (Michelle) Wei
Ruolu (Camela) Ye