Athletic Hall of Fame

I am honored and humbled to be chosen as an inductee to the RPCS Athletic Hall of Fame. For me, during years in which the world was pretty regimented, to be able to run around a hockey or lacrosse field, or half a basketball court was pure joy. To be part of a team and understand the gift and responsibility which that implies, was a life lesson that has been invaluable."

- Hall of Fame Inductee

Nomination Process

Statement of Purpose
The purpose of the RPCS Athletic Hall of Fame is to pay tribute and extend recognition to those individuals and/or teams who have made a significant contribution to RPCS Athletics. 

Nominations for the RPCS Athletic Hall of Fame are accepted on a rolling basis. The following are selection criteria for a nominee.
  • No individual or team shall be considered for selection until ten years after graduation.

  • Any former RPCS coach or former member of the RPCS physical education department with ten years of service is eligible for induction to the RPCS Athletic Hall of Fame.

  • To be eligible, with the exception of coaches or members of the Physical Education Department, an individual must have received an RPCS diploma.

  • The individual or team should demonstrate such outstanding excellence in or service to a sport that there is no question as to the qualifications necessary for induction.

  • Qualifications and criteria should be based on the candidate’s participation in or service to athletics during secondary school years at RPCS and could include athletic accomplishments after leaving RPCS and to women’s sports in general.

  • Consideration shall be given for sportsmanship and personal conduct in life  exemplifying the high ideals and spirit of RPCS.
For further information, please contact Katy Spencer

RPCS Hall of Fame Members

List of 5 items.

  • 2014

    Ann Tucker Gundry, 1952
    Barbara Norris Woodward, 1961
    Andree Williams Wight, 1964
    Paula Sotir, 1975
    Jeanne Lekin-Nash, 1993
    Meghan Kelly, 1999
    Dani Kell Steinbach, 2004
    1998 Varsity Lacrosse Team
  • 2011

    Addie Ogier Bracken, 1933
    Judy Connolly Connally, 1956
    Courtney Jones McKeldin, 1958
    Mimi Rand Anderson, 1961
    Emily Hewitt, 1962
    Janet Bauer Hartman, 1968
    Hathaway Clark Ferebee, 1971
    Melissa Cully Anderson, 1994
    Meredith Shuey, 1996
    Alli Harper, 1997
    Lauren Miller Hauk, 1998
    Betsy Gaines, 1999
    Allison Higgins Keenan, 2001
    Kelsey Twist Schroeder, 2001
    Debbie Bloodsworth - COACH
    1952 Varsity Field Hockey Team
    1977 Varsity Lacrosse Team
  • 2008

    Margaret Bishop, 1939
    Libby Cooper Curran, 1970
    Brent McCallister Gamse, 1994
    Carol Wilson Keenan, 1958
    Erin McInnes Shaughnessy, 1998
    Marsha McCauley Sutton, 1957
    The 1989 Varsity Field Hockey Team
  • 2007

    Melissa Bristow Carter-Bey, 1992
    Laurie McCulloch Fisher, 1963
    Amy Barrett Frew, 1972
    Elizabeth Law Meredith, 1984
    Eileen Talucci Mutch, 1984
    Jennifer Bogue Kenerson, 1990
    Louise Meledin, 1970
    Joan Wood Peters, 1956
    Elizabeth McCleary Primrose-Smith, 1965
    Catherine Sharkey, 1988
    1994 Varsity Lacrosse Team
  • Inaugural Inductees 2006

    Margaret Chapman, 1944 *
    Caroline Dix Coleman, 1960
    Jane Obrecht Emich, 1937
    Jenny Bristow Hannah, 1990
    Anne Turner Lawler, 1975
    Jenny Slingluff Levy, 1988
    Connie Williams Maybin, 1978 *
    Amanda Lee Norris (Coach) *
    Pat Peard, 1964
    Linda Bond Verdery, 1962
    Doris Obrecht Voneiff, 1937 *
    Judy Waters, 1950
    Peggy Boutilier Williams, 1994
    1989-1990 Varsity Basketball Team

    * Awarded posthumously