The Visual and Performing Arts in the Macfarlane Arts Center at RPCS are a celebration of being alive—and of living fully. Our students embrace the joys of self-expression and performance as they refine the instruments that make it possible: their bodies and voices, their senses and perceptions, their emotions and imaginations.
There are many ways in which RPCS celebrates the creative energies of its students and encourages them to pursue their artistic visions with enthusiasm. At the Lower School level, girls spend a significant portion of each day in music, dance, and art education programs. Drama classes are added to the mix at the Middle School level. When girls reach the Upper School, they may choose from a series of highly specialized classes in both visual and performing arts with numerous opportunities for students to display their creative energy before audiences–by taking part in recitals, performances, dramas, musicals, exhibitions, and more.

The CJC Memorial Artist-in-Residence Fund was established in 1998 and endowed by Catherine R. Caplan, 1978 of New York and the Caplan Family Foundation, Inc., of Baltimore. The purpose of this endowment is to provide special programming for the arts at RPCS on a rotating basis between the performing and visual arts.

Through the CJC Artist-in-Residence Program, RPCS has brought in leading visual and performing artists to work with students of all ages. Their creations lend energy and contribute an atmosphere of playful invention to the School.
Other arts enrichment opportunities allow students to leave the school and travel locally and regionally to see performances and exhibits, witnessing art first hand.   In the Upper School, students have exciting opportunities to travel on trips to do plein-air painting in Montenegro or to perform for audiences across Europe.