We at Roland Park Country School believe that girls and young women who build each other up will thrive. There’s no hurdle too high for an RPCS girl because she has the collective support of her community lifting her toward her goals.

While this spirit certainly sets us apart from other schools, it’s the effect on our graduates that’s so remarkable: Roland Park Country School students develop a profound understanding of who they are and how to lead together to impact the world.

Why An All-Girls Education?

When our youngest girls look up to our older girls what do they see? They see young women occupying every single position of leadership. This reality deconstructs gender stereotypes from a very young age. Research shows that children begin to internalize gender stereotypes beginning at age five. As a result, girls gravitate away from fields that are falsely perceived as requiring innate gendered aptitudes (such as STEM or leadership) and this ultimately influences their learning pursuits throughout their lives. At Roland Park Country School, our youngest girls see female role models and peer mentors in positions of leadership in every area of study. The result is that our graduates report feeling smarter, more confident, and more engaged on their college campuses than female peers who graduated from co-ed schools. They have tangible advantages over their peers at a variety of outstanding colleges and universities and, more importantly, in the workforce and in life. Our girls are educators, doctors, artists, philanthropists, parents, civic leaders, CEOs, and everything in between. Our world needs every single one of them.
Our one-of-a-kind all-girls culture—rooted in the notion that female empowerment begins with girls empowering each other—benefits girls by enabling them to build courage and confidence in an environment where female leadership across all areas of study is the rule, not the exception. At Roland Park Country School, girls occupy every position and even our youngest students understand the limitless potential of women.