Upper School

Philanthropic Literacy Board


Uniting student experiences with critical issues facing the Baltimore community and opportunities to effect positive change, the RPCS Philanthropic Literacy Board is one of many tools our students utilize to impact the greater good in the world around them.  Participants on this board will be the decision makers who oversee a request for grant proposal process that will be available to Baltimore area non-profits.
This student led organization will select a different theme/area of focus each year. Students will disseminate information about this theme to the larger community and members of the PLB (Philanthropic Literacy Board) will solicit requests for proposals, evaluate applicants, manage the grants once they are awarded.

Apply for a 2018 Grant

The student-run RPCS Philanthropic Literacy Board is pleased to announce this year’s theme for its student grant: Domestic and Sexual Violence and Education. This year’s board members are unsettled with the nationwide domestic and sexual violence of women and the immediate and generational effects it has on those women and their children. Student board members are concerned with the effects of sexual violence on the kids of those women being abused and wish to help educate society on these effects and educate on women on how to combat violence and provide a stable life for their children.
The committee will award one or more grants totaling a maximum of $5,000.
The deadline to apply for this grant is by noon on March 28, 2018. Please see more information on how to apply in the grant application below.