Building on the strong foundation of Lower and Middle School, it’s no wonder RPCS students move swiftly from ‘comfortable’ to ‘proficient’ in the realm of technology. Advanced technology and the devices that support it are widespread on the RPCS Upper School campus.

Fortunately, so is the flexibility to choose a personal device. A unique feature of our Upper School technology program, students may bring their own devices or purchase the school-selected/supported personal laptop – whichever system works best with individual learning needs, strategies and goals.

Both access and opportunity exist on campus for young women to explore computer science. For all students, this exposure boosts academic growth and, often, sparks a desire to help create the technologies and innovations of the future. For those students who want to delve deeper into STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math) fields, RPCS also offers robust and relevant coursework and real-world experiences.

  • RPCS is actively developing and piloting a new, widely-accessible Advanced Placement (AP) Course in Computer Science, through a statewide initiative led by University of Maryland Baltimore County and University of Maryland faculty. During the 2015-2016 academic year, more female students took our on-campus AP Computer Science course than the total number of all females in 13 U.S. states (versus 19 states in 2014) who took the 2015 National AP Computer Science exam.
In addition, our school provides outlets for unbounded creativity -- in the form of robotics programming and in-house competition, 3D printing with practical life application, off-campus internships, graphic design and production, stage lighting and soundboard management, and original music compositions.

RPCS’ robust technology offerings have a propensity for propelling young women forward as leaders in the field. Years before graduation, we connect students with computer experts, successful tech businesses, college recruiters and others seeking skilled, responsible digital citizens. For example, PayPal employees recently visited RPCS to share experiences and discuss tech careers for young female graduates.

When RPCS students stay connected, the world of possibilities is endless!