Our Preschool and Lower School classrooms are equipped with some of the most innovative technology available in the marketplace today, including wireless projectors and speakers, interactive white boards, laptop and iPad carts, a Smart Table, and a 3D printer. These early years mark a time of exploration and exposure: when teachers can introduce cutting-edge technology to enhance project-based learning, reinforce content, boost creativity and offer independent skill review; when children can be wildly curious in a safe and nurturing cyber environment; and when families can rest assured that students are learning comfortably on multiple platforms.

  • Preschool and Kindergarten students are exposed to iPads with touch screen technology that foster creativity, appealing to their tactile and kinesthetic learning styles.
    • Preschoolers embark on a Number Walk by taking pictures of numbers around school, recording an oral story on iPads, and sharing their digital stories with classmate
  • Grades Pre 1st, 1 and 2 students use iPads for both core lessons and special projects. In this one-to-one iPad program, our younger girls travel to classes with devices in hand and proudly show off their digital treasures.
    • Second graders gather around the SMART table to collaborate on activities using a touch interface that is projected on screen for presentations and class review.
    • Teachers use iPads to document student progress and provide differentiated instruction when needed.
  • Grades 3, 4 & 5 students use laptops in all core classes. In this two-to-one laptop program, our older girls complete research and assignments, practice skills, showcase creativity and connect with one another and the world.
    • Fifth grade literacy students connect online with Maryland legislators before visiting Annapolis in the spring.
    • Math students create their own manipulatives using 3D printing technology for hands-on learning; and compete in skills games using interactive white boards.