With a one-to-one technology program, the entire RPCS Middle School embraces connectivity each day. Like the RPCS Preschool and Lower School, Middle School classrooms are equipped with wireless projectors and speakers, interactive white boards, SMART boards, color printers and document cameras. Yet, student-centered learning is the real showcase.

Upon arrival, Middle School students take ownership of their schedules, assignments, academic progress and extracurricular interests using their devices as guiding tools. Along the way, they learn the benefits of consistency, organization, planning, and communication --- all key elements for lifelong success.

Guiding RPCS students toward digital independence, Middle School teachers passionately maintain a learning management system that makes life easy for everyone. Teachers and students make daily use of myRPCS.org for online schedules, calendars, assignments, grades, email communications and other resources for ‘one-stop shopping’ of all pertinent school information. As a perk, students, parents and guardians can visit the online site to stay on track of deadlines, grades and expectations in all classes.

  • Grade 6
    Students begin their Middle School journey with a friendly laptop ‘boot camp’, orienting them to their new devices. Teachers integrate these tools into classroom instruction by providing links to useful websites and instructional videos, maintaining email communications with students, updating online assignments and grades, displaying student work for class discussions, and much more.
    • Students learn computer coding and problem-solving strategies, using the BirdBrainRobot Server and SCRATCH, to program Finchbots.

  • Grade 7 & 8
    Teachers and students use Microsoft OneNote, an electronic binder system, for coursework. This program offers interactive opportunities, such as note taking, voice recording and other tools to enhance daily learning.
    • English 7 students use shared notebooks to collaborate with their whole grade for discussions, debates, character analysis, vocabulary, and scene summaries of Shakespeare’s Romeo & Juliet.
    • Foreign language students launched a podcast series, downloadable on multiple devices in MP4 format, to share and study vocabulary.
    • Students learn more advanced coding, through self-paced SCRATCH lessons, to create projects such as: interactive cards, games and animations.