Middle School

Message from the Middle School Head

Grades 6, 7 and 8 are a time of tremendous growth and change – physically, socially, emotionally, morally and intellectually. Here, at RPCS, girls transform with guts and grace.

Ask our 6th graders how cool it is to begin their 1:1 laptop program and use their own personal devices for class work. Ask our 7th graders how daring it is to spend one of the first weeks of school on an outdoor camping expedition with peers – sometimes in tough weather conditions. And, ask our 8th graders how fulfilling it is to write and present speeches that resonate within the entire division. 

We are proud of our rich and rigorous curriculum that includes science, math, literacy, history, physical education, visual and performing arts, technology, life skills, foreign language, library and support lab courses.

Inspired by both tradition and innovation, Middle School learning breaks through classroom barriers into the outdoors of our Backwoods and athletic fields; onto the stages of our musicals and performances; and into the communities of our Baltimore neighbors and beyond. Whether your child is planting rain gardens, concocting chocolate flavors, visiting historic sites, singing in chorus, drafting sonnets, making animated movies, volunteering with nonprofits, crossing zip lines in the wilderness, hosting morning meetings, or sharing ideas with classmates, she will embrace countless opportunities for leadership, character development and collaborative learning.

Where else can young girls take risks and work through their own life challenges in a comfortable environment, knowing their efforts are more important than results?
Only at RPCS!
Come visit and see for yourself how Roland Park Country School guides young girls courageously into an adolescence filled with great expectations, a keen sense of self awareness and a broader understanding of the world.


Verna Mayo
Middle School Head