Lower School

Welcome to the Lower School!
The Roland Park Country School Lower School  is a place where each girl is empowered to be her best self. While she recognizes and celebrates her own limitless potential, she also understands the importance of acknowledging strengths in others and empowering her classmates. She understands that we’re stronger when we work together.
While our classrooms are a collaborative learning environment, our faculty understand that each girl learns in her own way. Our job as educators is to meet each student where she is and give her the tools to succeed and achieve at levels that surprise even her. We do this by deliberately and systematically delivering an education based around Four-Dimensional learning. The first dimension is knowledge. This includes traditional classes and fact based knowledge – reading, writing, math, science, STEM, coding, robotics, and sustainability. The second dimension is skill. This emphasizes creativity, critical thinking, communication, and collaboration. The third dimension is character. We encourage our girls to step into leadership roles, not just for personal gain, but for the greater good. In this dimension, we create learning opportunities that develop mindfulness, curiosity, courage, resilience, ethics, and leadership. The fourth and final dimension is meta learning, which focuses on reflection and adaptation. We work with each student to examine her own thinking and help her adapt to learn in a way that works best for her mind. This results in powerful growth.
All of this happens in small classes, led by caring teachers who create a joyous environment that emphasizes balance. RPCS girls are deeply engaged in their education because they are allowed to be children.
I hope you will come meet our community and experience the Roland Park Country School Lower School for yourself!
Lisa Teeling
Lower School Head