Integrated Math

Lower School Math

The Lower School mathematics approach centers around the belief that all children are mathematical reasoners.
In addition to the “basics” we teach our students to have a growth mindset and to:
      • Become risk takers as they dive into problems
      • Use their initiative and believe in their own abilities to soar in math
      • Be creative and persistent
      • Revel in the challenge of not knowing how to solve a problem but being able to call on strategies and skills you DO own to figure out the path to an answer
Our textbook is Investigations in Number, Data, and Space, published by Pearson 
      • Focused, coherent and rigorous math curriculum developed at TERC
      • Supported and recommended by the National Science Foundation and National Conference of Teachers of Mathematics
      • Math program is designed to create positive and confident attitudes about math
      • Promotes reasoning and problem-solving
      • Builds fluency with procedures by establishing a strong foundation of conceptual understanding