Integrated Math

Introduction to Integrated Math at Roland Park Country School from Head of School Caroline Blatti
Our approach to mathematics at RPCS is grounded in our deep commitment to cultivating our girls’ passions for problem solving and eager engagement in mathematical reasoning during their time here at RPCS and over the course of their lifetimes.  Thinking ahead to inter-disciplinary career options as well as their interests in advanced academic degree work, we embrace every aspect of their math journeys here at RPCS to ensure the mastery of skills that transcend many content areas such as the STEM fields.   
Our goals in our math program align with best practices in education. We want students to make sense of math problems and to persevere in solving them. Students will understand different approaches to solving complex problems and continually draw upon prior knowledges as they branch out to solve new problems. They will analyze relationships mathematically and draw conclusions from this deeper thinking.  Our philosophy of teaching and learning mathematics is grounded in the integration of concepts and a firm understanding of the following: ideas that build upon one another and are interconnected will allow for deeper learning for our students. Simply put, this means that the process of learning involves a process of transfer – “allowing a student to take what’s learned in one situation and apply it to another.”*
The ability to problem solve and to utilize a deep understanding of numbers is a hallmark of our approach to teaching math here at RPCS. From our youngest students work on numeracy at the earlier years to our most advanced math students in our Upper School integrated math program we are consistently embedding essential questions and assessments for enduring understanding into our work with our students.
Finally, our work is grounded in empowering our girls to feel increasingly more confident about their mathematical abilities. As they gain confidence they will continue to deepen their understanding of math in ways that will forever expand their future possibilities in both mathematics as well as STEM fields and beyond.
*Brown, Peter C. Make It Stick : the Science of Successful Learning. Cambridge, Massachusetts :The Belknap Press of Harvard University Press, 2014. Print.