College Counseling

College Exploration

Meeting with College Counselors

The RPCS College Counseling program is a highly personalized process for each student. We look forward to getting to know you and helping you with your college plans. You will be assigned a primary counselor by the Upper School Office during the first week of December and will begin your work with that counselor in January.
After you have completed the College Counseling homework assigned in December, you can make your first appointment with your primary counselor. This appointment should be made in person by coming to the College Counseling Office on the second floor of the Ward House. Please bring your planner with you so that we can compare calendars.
The first meeting with you counselor will be about 45 -60 minutes and will give you and your counselor time to get acquainted. The surveys that you complete before your first meeting will help us start the conversation, but we have no specific format for our first appointment. 
Following your first meeting, you will have a homework assignment related to starting a list of colleges that you would like to consider. Your counselor will then help you to expand that list. Our relationship with you is based on open communication so we encourage you to meet with your counselor many times for in depth conversations or quick updates.
We consider your parents/guardians to have important voices in the conversation about college also. Following your first meeting with your counselor, they are welcome to schedule an appointment with your counselor too.
For the many follow up meetings that will take place as your college search and application process continues, feel free to e-mail your counselor to request a meeting time and always include a list of when you have free periods or available time over the course of a few days so that we can schedule your appointment efficiently. Open and frequent communication will be the keys to our success! 
Students will complete surveys to begin the conversation about their college exploration.