Sara Gerrish - First Grade Teacher

What do you love most about your job?
I come from a family of educators and grew up helping my mother, a 1st grade teacher, grade papers, file assessments and organize her classroom.  These experiences taught me that teaching is a lot of hard work and a labor of love! What I love the most about my job is supporting students as they grow and work through challenges.  Their determination and perseverance inspire me to be better every day.    
Why did you choose the subject you teach?
I was very lucky to have 1st grade choose me. 1st Grade is a magical time of reading, writing, and problem solving.  Every day I walk into school looking forward to our classroom adventures. My students and I have become experts on spiders, opened a store, and collaborated with the Pre-School raising money for Heifer International.
What is your teaching philosophy?
In the words of John Dewey, “Education is not preparation for life; education is life itself.”  I believe that learning is an active collaboration that doesn’t end in the classroom.  I acknowledge that students have many teachers: parents, friends, their community.  For students to have the best experience at school, these teachers must be brought into the process of learning and collaborate creatively to make all aspects of students’ lives meaningful.
Do you have a non-academic hobby or interest that your students are surprised to know about you?
Inspired by my 1st Grade friends and in collaboration with visual artist Zoe Friedman, I am writing a children’s book about my precocious kitten, Giorgio.
"I teach because… there is so much more to learn!"