Lucy Haus - Preschool 4's Teacher

What do you love most about your job?
I enjoy being part of a large community under one roof. I enjoy learning and observing teachers in all different grade levels as well as understanding how the pedagogy develops from the very youngest learners all the way through grade 12.
I enjoy the ability to be flexible and creative in my teaching to help children develop in a play based learning environment. I also love the opportunity to collaborate on projects with all different students and teachers in each grade.

What are specific traits you work to identify and grow in students?
I put a major emphasis on social and emotional development especially in relation to helping children build their language skills to be able to communicate, and to develop relationships. Other traits that are highlighted are helping children to develop self -regulation, mindfulness, fine motor skills, and gross motor skills.

Why did you choose to work in an all-girls education environment?
The RPCS preschool is coed and I love teaching both sexes. We especially enjoy collaborating our projects and brainstorming with the older students in each grade, as well as the teachers. My daughter attended RPCS, and she, my husband and I fell in love with the school. We are so grateful for all the support and care she got from all her teachers, faculty, friends, and their families.

Why did you choose RPCS?
I chose RPCS because of the collaborative community. I like the way it instills strong character building traits for each student as well as being a very rigorous program. I like the way it focuses on virtues, school, and community spirit, developing students’ interest in a creative manner yet it lets me be flexible in my teaching.

Why is education at the grade level you teach important?
Early education is critical in developing social and emotional skills through a play based approach. We learn to identify how each individual child learns as well as developing language. It allows children the chance to build background knowledge through experiences and through their senses.

What do you want an RPCS education to mean to our graduates? 
An RPCS education provides an enriching, challenging curriculum. This education develops flexible and critical thinkers that can pursue and be passionate about developing their interests. 
"I teach because… I want to give every child in my classroom the foundation to love to learn! I want to instill lifelong learners."
What is your teaching philosophy?
I believe in setting high standards for students while doing everything I can to ensure that they reach those expectations. I treat my class as serious fun: we work hard, but it is infused with joy. 

Do you have a non-academic hobby or interest that your students are surprised to know about you? 
Anything that involves being outside. I’m an avid runner, gardener, hiker, and horseback rider.