Kelly Pierce - Middle School P.E.

What do you love most about your job?
My job provides me with the opportunity to positively impact young women and connect with students of all ages.  As a teacher and a coach, I push my students every day to help build their self-confidence and motivate them to believe in themselves.  My favorite part of my job is seeing students’ faces when they realize they have accomplished a goal due to their hard work and determination. It’s moments like these that motivate me to continue to teach and give my best every day. 
What are specific traits you work to identify and grow in students?
I encourage my students to take everything in -  the memories and experiences may change them for the better and given them the tools to be successful in the future.  As they move forward and chase their dreams, they must remember they will always have RPCS as a place where they belong.
Why did you choose to work in an all-girls education environment?
As a graduate from an all-girls school, I know the value and impact it played in shaping me as the woman I am today. Attending an all-girls school gives a young girl the tools and confidence to be true to herself, explore new ideas, and take risks with the support of her peers.
Why did you choose RPCS?
There is a spirit about RPCS.  It is full of positive energy, smiling faces, and a vibrant community.  I love coming to my job each day and feel fulfilled in life with my choice of school and career. Each individual has an opportunity to contribute and offer his or her own unique talents to the school.  It is my home and I am grateful to be a faculty member. 
Why is education at the grade level you teach important?
As a Middle School teacher, I am playing a key role in helping my students bridge the gap between their childhood years and the beginning of adulthood.  These years are not always easy and I remember how challenging it was at times for me at that age.  My hope is to provide my students with the confidence and security to know that they can tackle any task they are faced with, and that I am here to support them every step of the way. 

What do you want an RPCS education to mean to our graduates?
I want an RPCS education for our graduates to mean confidence. We push our students during their time here to help them realize they are capable of achieving anything. When they leave RPCS and enter college, they should know that they can reach their goals. 
"I teach because…I am allowed the opportunity to shape people’s hearts and minds."
Why did you choose the subject you teach?
I chose to teach Physical Education to Middle School girls because through this subject, I can make a difference in their daily lives.  It allows me the opportunity to be positive, infuse school spirit and help shine a bright light into their middle school world. When students develop their bodies and minds, they can gain skills that will propel them to succeed in both the physical, spiritual and academic aspects of education and life.  
What is your teaching philosophy?
My teaching philosophy is to encourage high levels of effort, infuse enthusiasm, and motivate students.  I am a positive person and I feel that is reflected in my teaching and coaching.  If a child is confident in her skills, there is typically no hesitation to play. I try to let each student know that I believe in her and to help her believe in herself.  
What is your favorite moment in the classroom?
My favorite moment is when I see the student has realized she has improved and reached her goal.  Often her peers will recognize the accomplishment as well and the class is able to share in the joy.