Grace Chang - Lower and Middle School Chinese

What do you love most about your job?
I love the creativity that goes into designing daily lesson plans. Every day is different and every day is challenging and rewarding. To build students’ confidence, I strive to link students’ prior knowledge in English and other subject areas to learning Chinese. It is fun to design activities to strengthen students’ long-term memory.
What are specific traits you work to identify and grow in students?
I pay special attention to quiet students.  Those students may have correct answers but take longer to gain confidence to raise their hands. I believe that after students gain confidence, they are more willing to take risks to try and to make mistakes.  Any mistake is a learning opportunity and mistakes help our brain grow.
Why did you choose RPCS?
RPCS gives faculty independence in designing curriculum. Because of that academic freedom, I am able to take time to fine tune my daily teaching and to respond to students’ needs.  Also, RPCS is well known for its “school attuned” brain theory teaching philosophy.  I am appreciative that RPCS is willing to let me establish the lower school Chinese program because I believe learning Chinese takes different brain power from that in learning Romance languages.
What do you want an RPCS education to mean to our graduates?
Empathy is the golden rule. 
What is your teaching philosophy?
Teaching and learning are two sides of a coin.  Understanding the learning challenges and learning differences of each individual student will help me bring out her potential.  Yet on student’s side, she needs to be ready and available to learn.
"I teach because...the science of learning is still a puzzle. I am helping students to solve the puzzle bit by bit every day."