Arinola Fleming - Third Grade Teacher

What do you love most about your job?
While there are many aspects about my job that I love, the opportunity to develop a true love of math and reading in young girls is what I most enjoy.
What are specific traits you work to identify and grow in students?
The specific traits that I work to identify and grow in students are tenacity, problem-solving skills, and resilience.
Why did you choose to work in an all-girls education environment?
I attended an all-girls school. That environment helped me believe that I could do and be anything that I wanted. I work at RPCS to be, to my students, what my teachers were to me.
"I teach because… it’s the best job in the world!"
Why did you choose RPCS?
I chose RPCS to be in an environment that has so many women in positions of leadership and responsibility.
What is your teaching philosophy?
My philosophy of education begins with the belief that all children can learn. It is up to the teacher to help students “find a way in.” I also believe that high expectations, as well as academic rigor, are essential for students to experience meaningful achievement.
What is your favorite moment in the classroom?
The moment when a struggling student finally “gets it” is my favorite moment. That look of understanding is precious and priceless!