DEI in September Part 1

What's been happening in September

In the Lower School...
  • Upper School Students came to Kindergarten to read a book about Hispanic Culture and discuss Hispanic Heritage Month. They will visit K-5 classrooms with Akailah throughout the month. Looking for great books to read with your child at home about Hispanic Heritage? Click here!
  • Carlos Duque (a LS librarian in DC) came to lead the first of 7 Culturally Responsive Teaching sessions with LS faculty on Thursday, Sept 20. Teachers watched this TED talk about the dangers of a single story and read articles about micro-aggressions. While here, he & Akailah observed classrooms and met with teachers and faculty members across the school to discuss culturally responsive teaching practices (even with our littlest 2s teachers!).
In the Upper School…
  • Upper school students came to Kindergarten to read a book about Hispanic Culture! They will visit K-5 classrooms throughout the month.
  • Upper School students had their first all-school DEI session with Akailah McIntyre, the Director of Diversity & Inclusion. They had discussions about what it means to speak your truth, and how to begin to move away from the idea that all minorities share the same experiences. Want to extend the conversation with your child at home? Try starting with this video. It discusses the idea that Hispanic people come from various backgrounds and have an array of experiences.
In the Middle School…
  • The Student Diversity Club has its first meeting, led by Akailah McIntyre (the Director of Diversity & Inclusion) and Elisha James! Wondering what diversity-related resources that you can use with your middle schooler at home? Try this video to get their wheels turning about race and perceptions around it. Follow up questions might be: What do you notice in this video? What questions do you have after watching it? What does it make you reconsider? What experiences do you have that you think are shaped by your race, gender, etc.?
  • The middle school GSA (Gender & Sexuality Alliance) also held its first meeting (sponsored by Megary Sigler)! It was well-attended and the students are excited to get started. Students introduced the group using the following message: “GSA stands for Gender Sexuality Alliance. This means that we will discuss topics about gender and sexual orientation as well as equality and empowerment of the LGBTQ+ (Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, Queer) community. And we will also find ways to celebrate the many related awareness days during the year, like Day of Silence and Coming Out Day. The club will be a safe, friendly, and fun space for everyone, no matter how you identify. Attendance will not be taken at the meetings, so everyone can feel safe and comfortable to join in.” Wondering why we’re having a GSA in the middle school? Take a look at this article.
In the Community…
  • The first Employee Inclusion Council meeting happened on Tuesday, Sept 18. 28 teachers and employees from across divisions came together to talk about the needs of our community as it relates to DEI work. The council will designate task forces in the coming month to focus on specific DEI agenda items, and will continue to convene once per month. More to come!