DEI in November Part 1

What's been happening around campus

In the Lower School...
  • Mr. Keiffer Mitchell, grandson of civil rights activist Juanita Jackson Mitchell and father of RPCS 9th grader Kenna Mitchell, came to speak with 5th grade students about his late grandmother, the work she was a champion for, and their relationship.
  • 5th grade students in Megary Sigler's art class are working to create hats in honor of civil rights hero Juanita Jackson Mitchell, who was well known for her adornment of them. Those who have finished have their hats displayed outside of the Faissler library. Be sure to check them out!
  • On Friday, Nov. 16, our 4th and 5th grade students posed questions to Black alum who visited a lower school morning meeting as part of the celebration of our first Black graduate, Deborah Williams (1968). On the panel was Dr. Tara Bynum, 1998,  Ms. Tanaira Cullens, 2008, and Ms. Sharon Bowie, 1976 (also the first Black teacher at RPCS). From questions about uniforms that were worn when they went to RPCS to questions about if they were treated differently as Black students, the lower schoolers had a lot to say and were excited to learn.
  • Our affinity group for students of color, "Brown girls rock", had its first meeting on Nov. 6. Our next meeting will be on Nov. 26 from 3:00 PM to 3:45 PM. At this meeting, students will get their Black Student Union big sister/little sister pairs. They are so excited, and we hope that this pairing will foster mentorship and conversations across divisions.
In the Upper School...
  • 12 students attended a Diversity Leadership Conference on Saturday, November 11. They presented on various diverse topics, such as gender, sexuality and race
  • Members of the Black Student Union moderated an upper school panel for the November 16th Celebration of RPCS' first Black alum. They also had a luncheon with the alums and moderated the 5:30 PM reception
  • On November 7, Upper School faculty had a professional development session about teaching Black girls
  • On November 12, faculty members in the English, History and Arts departments had a professional development session about race and the n-word in teaching, and Science teachers had a session about how diversity & inclusion work applies to science curriculum
In the Middle School...
  • Students in Monica Recht's class gave speeches as members of the Seneca Falls Convention of 1848. They practiced empathy while embodying the persona, life, and perspectives of women of varying backgrounds of the time
  • RPCS will officially host the Baltimore Middle School Diversity Leadership Conference on Friday, April 25, 2019. More details to come
  • On Friday, Nov. 16, Middle School students Aylin Metzel and Erin Hoskins facilitated a panel of Black alum who visited during a morning meeting as part of the celebration of our first Black graduate, Deborah Williams (1968). On the panel were Dr. Corrin McBride Hunt, 1999, Ms. Rianna Matthews-Brown, 1997, and Ms. April Fahr, 1991.
In the Community…
  • There will be another Parent Listening Session on Monday, December 10th at 6 PM in the Faissler Library. Faculty members who are doing work related to Community & Inclusion will be present to hear from parents and speak about all that's happening in our school building!
  • Our November 16 celebration of our first Black graduate was a great success! We saw approximately 150 guests attend to honor the legacy of Deborah Williams, 1968. Thank you so much to all who made this event possible!