Welcome to RPCS!  We are a school under one roof that is committed to fostering an inclusive environment where our students, employees, and families feel a part of a nurturing and supportive community. RPCS has a long history and well-deserved reputation of being committed to diversity, equity and multicultural education with the goal of providing support and resources for our diverse community of learners inclusive of diverse family members across all social identifiers (i.e. ability - mental and/or physical, age, ethnicity, gender, race, religion, gender and sexual orientation, and socio-economic status/class.)  Our School’s programs, employees and students reflect that commitment.
Here at RPCS, we understand that meaningful engagement of our diverse community is essential to the academic success and social emotional well-being of each of our students.  It is also only at RPCS, where students have described themselves as feeling that “you can be unapologetically who you are.”  Our School’s encouragement and practice of specific cultural norms can also be found written within our School philosophy and Board of Trustees' diversity statements. It is here you will find a diverse, inclusive, and joyful community that “strives to instill in its students a lifelong love of learning as well as the responsibility to look within and beyond themselves to contribute to and serve as stewards and leaders of their communities.”  By encouraging daily practice of the values stated in our philosophy we have nurtured a diverse and inclusive school community that brings its written philosophy to life.
Our welcoming environment is one that can be immediately felt upon entering the front doors to our community and we invite you in to experience it for yourself!
With gratitude,
Marlo Thomas-McNeil
Director of Diversity

Programs and Resources

Diversity Assemblies

  • Holocaust Day of Remembrance
  • Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Convocation
  • Multicultural Night
  • St. Edwards Exchange (Oxford England)

Student Diversity Clubs/Organizations and Student Leadership in Diversity Programs

Upper School
  • Student Diversity Association
  • Baltimore Student Diversity Leadership Conference
  • National Association of Independent Schools Students Diversity Leadership Conference
  • Student Affinity Groups (Black Awareness Club, Muslim Student Association, Gender & Sexuality Alliance, Jewish Heritage Club, Fellowship of Christians in Universities and Schools)
  • Mix It Up at Lunch Day
Middle School
  • Middle School Immersion Day
  • Martin Luther King, Jr. Essay Contest
  • Mix It Up at Lunch Day
Lower School
  • Shades of Me
  • Mix It Up at Lunch Day

Diversity Statement

The Board is committed to an active, on-going effort to attract, welcome, and support an inclusive community of talented students, faculty, administrators, staff and Board members.
The Board strongly supports the work of the administration and faculty in their continuing efforts to create respect in the School community for individual differences of race, ethnicity, religion, culture, socioeconomic status, abilities, gender and sexual orientation. It is the Board’s objective to celebrate and promote the recognition, understanding and acceptance of individual uniqueness, mutual interdependence and cultural diversity within a pluralistic society.
The Board expects that the students entrusted to the School’s care will acquire not only critical thinking skills and a love of learning, but also a sense of self, an appreciation of diversity and respect for others. The Board intends that the RPCS experience will produce graduates whose lives "speak for themselves" by example and attitude.