Board of Trustees

The Roland Park Country School Board of Trustees supports and promotes the School’s mission and ensures that it is appropriate and relevant to the School community. The Board sets the policies that govern the School and appoints and vests authority in the Head to implement those policies. RPCS trustees advocate for the School and serve as its ambassadors in the community.


President - Ashley E. Thayer
Vice President - Dale Bittinger
Vice President - Lucy Neale Duke
Vice President - Toby Noyes
Secretary - Janet Bauer Hartman, 1968
Treasurer - Rhona W. Wendler


Dr. Celeste Woodward Applefeld, 1964*
Emily Athanas
H. Lee Boatwright, III*
Nina Booth
Linda Boyd
Beverly A. Chaney
Laura George Cochran, 1990
Robb Cohen
Katherine Behrens Crosby, 1990
Jon Davidov
W. Kyle Gore
William C. Holly

Diane Hutchins, 1972
E. Lee Kelly, 1971**
E. Robert Kent, Jr.*
Stephanie Kleiser**
Shari M. Lawson
Jeffrey Lubin
Catherine Passano McDonnell, 1994*
Carroll Knott McGill, 1993
John B. McGowan
Mary Page Michel
Brian Moffet
Natalie Nichols
Amelia Mix Poggi
Julia Garrett Randolph, 1997

James G. Robinson
Lee Roebuck
Robert W. Schaefer*
Jeffrey H. Seibert, HA*
Albert Neale Smith III
Frances E. Smith
Tori Soudan
Paul J. Stasko
Steven Susel**
Mary Ellen Thomsen, HA*
Roszel C. Thomsen, II, HA*
Richard C. Tilghman, Jr.*
Tamara Passano Wiggs, 1997
Albert H. Williams

*Lifetime Trustee
**Ex Officio Members
HA - Honorary Alumna/Alumnus