Upper School


The RPCS Upper School challenges our young women to understand and harness their voice, passion, vision, and purpose. To help young women recognize, develop and realize their potential – as scholars, artists, athletes, and citizens – we are pleased to offer extensive, personalized programs and courses in the Upper School.
In the Upper School students pursue study in English, world languages, history, math, science, physical education, and the arts. In junior and senior years, students may choose from over 110 electives offered through our Tri-School Coordination program with neighboring Gilman and Bryn Mawr Schools. At RPCS we offer all 25 of the AP courses offered through College Board with 19 of those courses being taught on our campus.
Our Leadership Seminars, for all students in grades 9 and 10, cultivate such qualities as character, empathy, and self-reflection. Students explore local and global areas where leadership is needed and wanted; train in ethical scenarios, developing a robust moral compass; and acquiring debate and communication skills. Our Entrepreneurship Seminar introduces all 11th Graders to the basic principles of entrepreneurship and invites students to actively apply their skills and knowledge in the creation of innovative products. Emphasizing teamwork and collaboration, students work in small groups to research, prototype, and refine products that respond to a specific need they have identified in the world. 
The RPCS Summer Internship Program offers students professional opportunities in leadership, design, innovation, and entrepreneurship for all of our students. This past summer, our new program connected 33 students with internships in fields such as medicine, law, computer science, social work, finance—and many more areas for real world learning. This program speaks to our vision for an RPCS education that connects classrooms to communities and equips our students with the future directed skills that enable their success here at RPCS—and beyond into their professional journeys.

At RPCS there are countless opportunities for specialization, if desired.  
With a commitment to developing citizens of the world, RPCS offers 7 modern and classical languages – French, Spanish, Russian, Chinese, Arabic, Latin, and Ancient Greek. Students who go above and beyond the graduation requirement for world languages by studying two languages simultaneously during their Upper School years can earn the World Languages Certificate. This program goes beyond the classroom and extends the language study in to other areas of the student’s life in order to demonstrate the relevance of language acquisition in today’s global society.
Our STEM Institute with differentiated instruction and interdisciplinary approach, builds on our students’ innate curiosity. Committed to preparing our girls for the future in which they will live, the program focuses on making our students effective problem solvers. The core of the program consists of a series of semester-length research apprenticeships which lead into a year-long 11th Grade Internship and development of a portfolio.
Our opportunities for specialization are not just limited to academics. RPCS has three auditioned performing arts ensembles which receive a full credit - Roses Repertory Dance Ensemble, Footlights Theater Ensemble, and Semiquavers, an a cappella group. And in the Fine Arts, we offer numerous electives including Advanced Placement courses in Studio Art, 2-D and 3-D Design, and Photography.

Where else can a young woman explore life’s possibilities in preparation to take her rightful place in society?

Only at RPCS!


Ereni Malfa
Upper School Head