Clubs and Organizations


2018-2019 Clubs

American Sign Language Club
The purpose of this club is to learn some basic American Sign Language.

Animal Abuse Awareness
This club  spreads awareness about the number of animals that are abused each year and raises money to give to different organizations.

Black Student Union
This club educates others about African American heritage and discusses current issues pertaining to people of color in the community and throughout the world. The club’s members will also demonstrate the seven principles of Kwanzaa.

CyberPatriot Club
This club offers students who are interested in cybersecurity and in computer science-related fields practical experience and exposure. The goal of the club is to have a team that participates in the Air Force Association’s CyberPatriot Competition for high school students.  

Debate Club
This club empowers RPCS girls with the skills of expressing their beliefs clearly and concisely, speaking effectively in public, and staying aware of current events in the world. The club will compete in local tournaments as well as travel for competitions.

Fandoms United
This is a club for people to talk about shows, movies, books, celebrities, and other items they like, commonly dubbed as fandoms.

Film Society
The purpose of this club is to watch movies that members vote on and to have fun doing that.

FOCUS (Fellowship of Christians in Universities & Schools)
This club brings Christian kids in high school together once a week to have discussions about topics related to religion and biblical interpretations, and to create a fun, welcoming atmosphere where anyone can walk in and feel at ease. For more information, visit

Gender Sexuality Alliance (GSA)
GSA strives to bring together students in the LGBTQIA+ community, as well as straight students, to support one another in a safe space. GSA creates a platform for all individuals to work toward racial, gender and social equality.

Geography Club
The main purpose of the club is to give everyone a better idea of the geography of the world. In addition to learning about the locations of other countries, students also explore the climates and different cultures throughout the world.

Harry Potter Club
This club gathers people who love Harry Potter to do fun activities related to the books. Members of the club will also watch the movies and participate in different craft projects, like making wands. The new members will be sorted into their houses, and all members will eat Harry Potter-themed snacks.

Hip Hop Squad
This club brings different types of dance into the Roland Park Country School community. Members of the club will prepare a creative and challenging (but doable) dance for the dance concert.

Honorary Ceramics Club
This club gives students who do not take a ceramics class, but who still want to learn ceramics, a chance to work with clay and wheels.

Jewish Heritage Club
This club brings together Jewish individuals in the community and spreads awareness about the religion.

Leaves of Imagination (Literary Magazine)
The Leaves of Imagination club produces the Upper School's only creative writing publication. The magazine is almost entirely student-run. The board of students reads student submissions and chooses which ones to publish. They also work to design the overall layout and concept of the magazine each year.

Letters from Home Club
The purpose of this club is to collect donations (such as cards, hygiene products, etc.) to make care packages to send to soldiers overseas.

Model UN
This club teaches students about the workings of the United Nations. Members will also attend the annual National Model UN conference.

Moore United Voices Gospel Choir
The Moore United Voices Gospel Choir is a club offered to every Upper and Middle School student who enjoys singing, especially gospel music. It focuses on expression of emotions through song and dedication to impacting the audience from all members.  It is a club designed to bring fun into singing gospel music through many school performances and a concert in May.

One Love Club
The purpose of this club is to raise awareness about relationship violence.

Peer Health*
Peer Health is a group of Upper School students whose purpose is to provide a social-emotional support system to build confidence and instill emotional well-being in their peers.

Photojournalism Club
Students gain more knowledge of photography related to society and life. Members will learn about famous photographers from around the world and focus more on photojournalism and documentary photography to show that photos can tell stories, convey emotions, and inform people about the world.

Polar Bear Plunge Club
Polar Bear Plunge Club will raise money for the Special Olympics and participate in the annual Cool Schools Plunge.

Quid Nunc
Quid Nunc is a club for producing the yearbook. Members participate in creating pages and helping organize the pictures. It is a great way to be a part of something that the whole school sees. Although it is a very fun organization, it is important that all members stay committed and not miss the meetings. All grades are welcome!
Red Heroes Club
The goals of this club include making meals for families at the Ronald McDonald House, volunteering at charity events and races, and visiting children in pediatric hospitals.

Reds Dance Company
This club gives everyone in the Upper School who shares a love and passion for dance the opportunity to learn a dance and perform in the Upper School Dance Concert.

Russian Club
The purpose of this club is to educate others about Russian culture.

Sacred Movements
The purpose of this club is to bring out the inner worshipper in everyone and to help people who join to create their own movement to worship Christ.

Students for Environmental Action (SEA)
Club members not only spread awareness of the Earth, but also take action. SEA Club does this by planting trees and other activities.

Tap Club
Members learn a specific tap dance combination for the Spring Concert.

Team UP for 1
This organization gives children with disabilities an opportunity to be on a sports team. The club holds events to raise money for the organization and spread the word about who they are and what they do within our schools and communities.

Think Pink Society
This club strives to get the RPCS community more involved in breast cancer awareness and teaches the effects breast cancer may have on those diagnosed, their families and their communities.

Young Democrats Club
Students have the opportunity to share their ideas, views and opinions, and to discuss the ideals of the Democratic Party.

Young Republicans Club
This club is open to anyone, regardless of political party, who wants to discuss current issues and events in the U.S. government. Members also participate in charity and service events to support those in the military.

Zen Club
This club promotes mindfulness among the community. The club also strives for its members to understand the meaning of wellness and how to use it in their lives.

*Indicates membership by election, audition or selection


2018-2019 Organizations

Student Government Association (SGA)*
SGA is the principal governing body of the school. It represents each class through class officers, it represents each student through specifically elected members, and it represents the faculty through two faculty representatives. The SGA organizes various school and student-related activities and is responsible for addressing issues within the school. The council’s ongoing goal is not only to address the quality of school life, but also to serve the larger community, and to provide a forum for better communication between faculty, students and the administration.  

The Spirit Committee is a sub-committee of SGA that is responsible for raising the level of involvement in school-related activities. The committee, although commonly believed to be tied to athletic teams, is also in charge of encouraging participation in the arts.

Honor Board (HB)*
This student-faculty committee is largely responsible for encouraging appropriate and honorable behavior, tone, and the discipline of the students. Additionally, each individual member is willing to help and advise her classmates in any situation.

Athletic Association (AA)*
The Athletic Association promotes school spirit through athletic endeavors. The association offers a wide variety of athletic activities, from spirit contests to interscholastic teams. Each student participates in the Athletic Association through her participation in physical education classes, school spirit at games, and/or interscholastic teams.

Association for School Activities (ASA)*
This association promotes school spirit and involvement by hosting a variety of activities, most notably the annual Holiday Fair, informal and formal dances, and many other holiday events. The Holiday Fair sub-committee works with the Holiday Fair Chair from the Parent Association to plan, design, coordinate and conduct all activities connected with this event. Upper School Students are invited to join the elected leaders at the Holiday Fair meetings.

Baltimore Girls’ School Leadership Coalition (BGSLC)*
This leadership program is for sophomores, juniors and seniors from several of the Baltimore area girls’ schools (RPCS, BMS, SPSG, GFS, OS, STS) and holds meetings in December, February, March and April, and an overnight retreat in February. Its goals are to establish connections between the girls’ schools, identify and nurture leaders and potential leaders, develop leadership skills and techniques, meet alumnae mentors, and design and implement projects for their schools.

Community Service Association*
This organization identifies issues that impact the most vulnerable members of society and pursues solutions in partnership with the RPCS community. The association provides a forum for the RPCS student body and the opportunity to advance their ideas, as well as to implement specific community projects. The association serves as a resource to the community and encourages awareness and strength among the students of Roland Park Country School. The Community Service Association is separate from students’ individual community service graduation requirement.

Fine Arts Association (FAA)*
The FAA promotes greater interest in the arts within RPCS. By arranging assemblies and activities, the association exposes students to the many forms of visual and performing art. It is also responsible for the organization and promotion of special events and art weeks.

Student Diversity Association (SDA)*
This organization heightens the awareness, respect and appreciation of diversity (its presence and contributions in our community), as well as fosters a welcoming and non-judgmental atmosphere.  The SDA educates the student body and faculty on issues pertaining to all forms of diversity. The association defines diversity as differences in the nature of thought, nurtured by environmental factors such as racial, socio-economic, religious, ethnic, cultural, sexual, political, and ideological orientation. Upper School Students are invited to join the elected leaders at the Diversity meetings.

Student Wellness Organization (SWO)*
The Student Wellness Organization promotes the mental and physical wellness of the student body by educating the community about health issues and their management. In this way, this organization works to raise awareness of both mental and physical health in the RPCS community while also erasing the stigmas surrounding such topics. Upper School Students are invited to join the elected leaders at the Student Wellness meetings.

*Indicates membership by election, audition or selection