Health & Wellness

At Roland Park Country School, we want our students to live healthy and balanced lives. That starts with an academic program that challenges and engages our girls, while allowing them to be children and teenagers. In order to succeed academically, students need to be well in both mind and body, so we make sure that every student has a strong support system to help them be healthy and well.

Student Services

The Student Services team at RPCS is comprised of counselors, nurses, learning specialists, and others, whose doors are always open to our students. Each girl is her own person. It is our job to figure out what makes each student unique and to establish a relationship that allows her to evolve and thrive. Our team is collaborative and interdisciplinary, while also personalized and discrete, so we may work in teams or individually. We use our collective expertise to help each girl thrive in her mind, body and spirit.

Nursing, Counseling and Athletic Training

Our nurses, counselors and athletic trainers address health and wellness concerns through educational classes, individual work with students and families, and personalized care and treatment planning when circumstances require it. An important part of our well-rounded approach is the relationships we build and maintain with resources and individuals who are experts in the community outside of our walls. We provide referrals to doctors, nutritionists, concussion experts, psychiatrists, counselors, and more who understand our community.

Academic Support Services

Our Academic Support Services team develops individual approaches to help students with identified learning differences. We coordinate services, resources, practices, and accommodations to support students’ specific learning needs with outlined goals to monitor their growth. The philosophy of our program is grounded in three intentional themes.

  • First, students are empowered to access curriculum content through a strengths-based approach. By being aware of their own strengths, skillsets, talents, and abilities, students are able to access the content in the way(s) that work best for them.
  • Secondly, emboldened by a growth mindset, students are encouraged by understanding that they are works in progress and that their potential is guided by what they can accomplish, not by deficits or weaknesses.
  •  Finally, we work with students to implement practices that help them “think about their thinking,” to foster awareness about the ways that they learn.  

Peer Education and Student Wellness Organizations

Our students want to see each other succeed. Peer Health Counselors are a group of Upper School students who provide a social-emotional support system to build confidence and instill emotional well-being in their peers. Peer Health Counselors are leaders in our community as they hold school-wide discussions on relevant topics.

Peer Mentors are Upper School students who work with girls in the Lower School and Middle School who are experiencing academic, social or emotional difficulty. Both Peer Health Counselors and Peer Mentors are selected to these leadership positions through an intensive application process. They undergo trainings on drugs and alcohol, diversity, sexual health, relationships, mental health, resilience, and more.

The Student Wellness Organization is an Upper School club whose mission is to foster discussion and collaboration around topics related to mental and physical health.

Students who belong to these groups work tirelessly to better our community as they strive to build each other up. They understand that we are stronger when we work together and support each other.