Annual Lectures and Visiting Guests

CJC Artist-in-Residence


The CJC Artist-in-Residence Endowment was established in 1998 and endowed by the Caplan Family Foundation, Inc. of Baltimore and Catherine R. Caplan, 1978 of New York in memory of her father, the late Caswell J. Caplan.The endowment provides special programming for the arts at Roland Park Country School on a rotating basis between the performing and visual arts. Through the CJC Artist-in-Residence Program, RPCS has brought leading visual and performing artists to campus to work with students of all ages. Their creations bring energy and contribute to an atmosphere of playful invention in the School.

Visiting Artists

Year Guest
2019-2020 Erin Crites - Theatre
2018-2019 Stacy Mortana - Dancer
2017-2018 Vienne Hucek Rea, 1982 - Art
2016-2017 Jim Papoulis - Composer
2015-2016 Katherine Dilworth - Grand Staircase Art
2014-2015 Alexa Miton - Dancer
2013-2014 Jimi Kinstle - Theatre
2012-2013 Maria Broom - Theatre
2011-2012 Molly Ross - Theatre
2010-2011 Philip Collister - Voice
2009-2010 Becky Jung of Pilobolus
2008-2009 Philip Collister – Voice
2007-2008 Valeska Populoh - Artist
2006-2007 Christopher Eaves - Theatre
2005-2006 Naomi Shahib Nye - Poet
2004-2005 Joyce Scott - Artist
2003-2004 Dr. Paul Rardin - Choral Director
2002-2003 Susan Martin Maffei and Archie Brennan - Artists
2001-2002 Nancy Wanich Romita and Robert Macht - Dancer / Composer
2000-2001 John Viles - Artist
1999-2000 Kate Campbell Stevenson - Writer, Actor, Producer, Sound and Light Technician, Make-up Artist
1998-1999 Kristen Linklater - Theatre


The Sarah Crane Cohen Visiting Scholar in the Humanities Lecture


The Sarah Crane Cohen Visiting Scholar in the Humanities Endowment was established in 1993 by the late Charles Crane in memory of his mother. It is intended that the Sarah Crane Cohen Visiting Scholar shall be recognized for his/ her accomplishments in any of several fields which comprise “the humanities.” This individual is selected from a culturally diverse background which varies from scholar to scholar.

Visiting Scholars

Year Guest
2019-2020 Sonia Purnell
2018-2019 Ana Homayoun 
2017-2018 Charles Fadel
2016-2017 Brian Oakes
2015-2016 Dr. Frances Jensen
2014-2015 Margaret Hu
2013-2014 Caroline Zink
2012-2013 Sharon McGrayne
2011-2012 Sally McMillen
2010-2011 JoAnn Deak
2009-2010 P.M. Forni
2008-2009 Cheryl Charles
2007-2008 Eboo Patel
2006-2007 William McDonough
2005-2006 Sarah Lawrence-Lightfoot
2004-2005 Ruby Bridges
2003-2004 Kevin Jennings


The Anne Healy Lecture


The Anne Healy endowment was created to honor Miss Healy, who served as the Head of School for 25 years, from 1950 to 1975. A special day is set aside each year and a distinguished person in the field of letters is invited to meet and work with groups of students during the school day and to present an evening program for students, faculty and members of the larger school community.

Visiting Scholars

Year Guest
2019-2020 Kwame Alexander
2017-2018 James Blue
2016-2017 Thanhha Lai
2015-2016 Anna Quindlen
2014-2015 B.A. Shapiro
2013-2014 Jimi Kinstle
2012-2013 Stephen Galloway
2011-2012 Jacqueline Woodson
2010-2011 Elizabeth Spires
2009-2010 Lensey Namioka
2008-2009 Gaby Calvocaressi
2007-2008 Joy Hakim
2006-2007 Naomi Shihab Nye (with CJC Artist-in-Residence)
2005-2006 Naomi Shahib Nye
2004-2005 Adrienne Rich
2003-2004 Laura Lippman, Sujata Massey, Marcia Talley
2002-2003 Dianna Donovan, William Marimow
2001-2002 Alice McDermott
2000-2001 Anna Quindlen
1999-2000 Mary Downing Hahn, Margaret Meacham, Colby Rodowsky, Karla Kuskin
1998-1999 Anna Deavere Smith
1997-1998 Josephine Jacobsen
1996-1997 Carla Hayden
1995-1996 Madison Smart Bell, Elizabeth Spires
1994-1995 Jean Craighead George
1993-1994 Nikki Giovanni
1992-1993 Toi Dericotte
1991-1992 Lucille Clifton

The Robinson Health Colloquium


Generously funded through the RPCS Annual Fund by James G. Robinson, Past Trustee and past parent, who believes that parents must be fully engaged in the lives of their daughters, the Robinson Health Colloquium focuses annually on a health-related topic of importance to girls and their parents.


Year Speaker
2019-2020 Lisa Damour


Rachel Simmons, author of Enough as She Is, Odd Girl Out
2017-2018 Peggy Orenstein, author of Girls and Sex, Cinderella Stole My Daughter
2016-2017 Lisa Damour, author of Untangled
2015-2016 Catherine Steiner-Adair, author of The Great Disconnect
2014-2015 Vicki Zakrzewski, Mindfulness
2013-2014 Karen Swartz, Adolescent Depression Awareness
2012-2013 Jean Kilbourne, Women and Media, "Miss Representation"
2011-2012 Catherine Steiner-Adair, Healthy Lifestyles, Mind and Body
2010-2011 Katie Koestner, Internet Safety and Cyber Bullying
2009-2010 Jodi Poretskin, Body Image