Class Notes and Representatives

Class Representatives (Class Reps) play a vital role in keeping the School informed about its Alumnae and play a key role in the School’s efforts to keep Alumnae connected to and interested in RPCS. They are the liaison to the Alumnae Office. Also, update your info here with any new addresses or news!

Class Representative responsibilities include: 

  • Inform the Alumnae Office of any changes with contact information on classmates including e-mail addresses, mailing addresses and college addresses
  • Contact classmates to inform them of special events and to encourage attendance at those events
  • Help the Alumnae Office identify Class Chairs/Committees for five year Reunions


Tips for Formatting class notes

  • Please be concise and bold and list full names if mentioning any classmates in your update.
  • Do not take news or updates directly from social media.
  • All news needs to be approved and submitted by each alumna herself. 
  • We welcome photos - please email them to your class rep or Space is limited and photos will be selected at the discretion of the editors. Please include a caption with each photo to include full names and class years. 


Want to be a class representative?

If you want to be a class representative, please contact Director of Alumnae Relations Katy Spencer! We appreciate the time and effort it takes for our class reps to reach out and gather news for our annual magazine, Connections.

Class Representatives

Ann Wittich Warfield, 1948
Martha Orrick Milot, 1951
Parker Gundry Trostel, 1953
Margo McElvain McClellan, 1954
Anna Dorsey Cooke Allison, 1955
Sally Foley, 1956
Gay Parsons Walker, 1957
Courtney Jones McKeldin, 1958
Mimi Ritter O’Neil, 1959
Polly Starratt Lemire, 1960
Bennett White Swingle, 1962
Frances Rutherford, 1963
Constance Sparrow, 1964
Carol Blankenship Davis, 1965
Eva McManus Edmonds, 1966
Kathy Hudson, 1967
Susan Berwager Law, 1967
Eve Bremermann Collard, 1968
Stuart Kelly Trinkle, 1968 
Marianna Spicer Joslyn, 1969
Kathy Lenhard Beck, 1970
Meg Hudson Rice, 1971
Laurie McCosh Bradford, 1972
Katharine Somerville Whitmore, 1974
Cathy Nolan, 1976
Leslie Mosberg Heubeck, 1977
Susan Irving Taylor, 1978
Noel Rippel Bradley, 1979
Susie Miller Lloyd, 1980
Kathy Connor, 1980
Jeanne Gerstly Weiner, 1981
Amory Clifford Woodman, 1982


Linda Schaefer Cameron, 1984
Ann Zeitung Lombardi, 1985
Kris Sotir Martinson, 1987
Susan Forrester, 1990
Hope Bodie Grenzer, 1990
Rebecca Berger, 1991
Parveen Saluja Dhillon, 1992
Muffy Menton Fenwick, 1993
Grace Kim, 1995
Meredith Hartman Shanley, 1996
Hillary Zouck Shaffer, 1997
Kate Jordan, 1998
Valene Whittaker, 1998
Paige Kimos Odabashian, 1998
Maya Tasher Barron, 1999
Masha Bodansky, 2000
Kristen DeMarco Rickard, 2002
Lindsay Higgins Vane, 2003
Kelly Soth Nolan, 2004
Shannon Burke Vail, 2005
Lisa Diver, 2006
Caroline Martinet Wernecke, 2007
Natalie Hazlehurst, 2008
Emily Turner Horton, 2009
Lily MacKenty, 2009 
Dani Makia, 2009
Hanna Frank Fountain, 2010
Ashley Osineme, 2010
Zoe Jack, 2011
Jordi Pollack, 2011
Blake Foster, 2012
Serene Mirza, 2012
Christine Vaile, 2013
Lyndsey Miller, 2013
Fannon Curtis, 2013
Catherine Crozier, 2013
Rebecca Jun, 2014
Meghan Shippe, 2014
Bracken Woolley, 2014
Olivia Kluttz, 2015
Grace Laria, 2015
Caroline Tucker, 2015
Briana Davis, 2016
Katherine Jackson, 2016
Meghan Quinn, 2016
Sarah Shmerler, 2016
Madeline Buttarazzi, 2017
Reilley Chamness, 2017
Lexi Orlinsky, 2017
Julia Sturtz, 2017
Emily Frieman, 2018
Keziah Palmer, 2018
Laura Rockefeller, 2018
Emma Shaw, 2018
Emily Dyer, 2019
Sophia Litrenta, 2019
Emma Wang, 2019
Kerry Cameron, 2020
Maeve Corcoran, 2020
Alexandra Wyskiel, 2020
Zoe Yarbrough, 2020
Solai Cockrell, 2021
Kiki Gushue, 2021
Camille Lawson, 2021
Coco Cameron, 2022
Emma McDonnell, 2022
Ellen Salovaara, 2022