AlumnaE Association

A Letter from the President of the Alumnae Association

We have an exciting year ahead for 2018-2019 and look forward to seeing you at the many programs and events planned for your enjoyment. Your participation and support are a wonderful way to remain engaged with and connected to RPCS.

As the Alumnae Office conveyed last year, the School will have one Alumnae Weekend in the Spring. This special reunion weekend, which includes the Dushane Luncheon, Alumnae Champagne Reception, Family Fun Fest and Alumnae Crab Feast, is scheduled for April 26-27, 2019. So, please save the date for the festivities! 

The Alumnae Board has many events scheduled throughout the upcoming year and we hope you will join us. Key events include: Professional Connections and Career Day, Career Networking Reception, Alumna Artist Reception with Deirdre Tanton, 1979, Young Alum Event, Holiday Fair, Traditional Upper School Christmas Program and Alumnae Holiday Reception, A Night under the Stars (co-sponsored with the Parents’ Association), and Alumnae Legacy Valentine Luncheon.

For those individuals who may not always be able to visit the campus, regional reunions are scheduled in Boston, Philadelphia, DC, New York City and California. Please refer to the calendar on this website for a complete list of activities and dates.

We are very proud that every year 100% of our Alumnae Board supports the Annual Fund, the top fundraising priority of the School.  We hope you will join us with a gift of ANY size, to not only count towards the total, but overall alumnae participation, too. 

The annual alumnae gift wrap fundraiser with Charleston Wrap will take place from September 17 to October 5.  It is a wonderful opportunity to support the Alumnae Association and purchase a beautiful assortment of wraps, magazines and gifts for your family and friends. Thank you for all that you do to support our beloved RPCS. 

I am honored to serve as the President of the Alumnae Association and look forward to seeing you at Roland Park Country School this year.


Lee Kelly, 1971 

Alumnae Board Executive Committee 2018-2019

Lee Kelly, 1971, President
Sydnee Wilson Ruff, 2004, President-Elect
Maya Tasher Barron, 1999, 1st VP
Kelly Donovan-Mazzulli, 1994, 2nd VP & Alumnae/PA Liaison
Courtney Pippen, 1992, Treasurer
Liza Freeze Ebeling, 1978, Corresponding Secretary
Carroll Knott McGill, 1993, Recording Secretary
Rosanna Best Corbin, 1994, Development Chair

Alumnae Board Members 2018-2019

Missi Bowman, 1985
Alison Kenny Brennan, 1982
Kate Tubman Cameron, 1984
Libby Cole, 2003
Nancy Gebelein Cornbrooks, 1970=
Carol Dixon Croxton, 1998
Julie George Evans, 1981
Wesley Naylor Finnerty, 1989
Sally Foley, 1956
Cary Zink Kassouf, 1995
Lily MacKenty, 2009
Sarah Foster Rhea, 1989

Kristen DeMarco Rickard, 2002
Annie Ferebee Short, 2001 (Faculty Liaison)
Kathy Startzman Shires, 1978
Dani Kell Steinbach, 2004
Jamye Siegel Stern, 1985
Ashlee Tuck, 2002                                            
Emily Turner, 2009
Sabrina Johnson Turner, 1998

Emerita Members
Ann Wittich Warfield, 1948