The world in which we are raising our girls is complex and filled with pressures that affect learning and personal success. With new spaces, programs, and learning specialist and counseling positions, we will expand our capacity to support the well-being of every child and young woman. A child who is thriving will become a woman who seeks connection in life, feels confident and capable, and is not afraid of mistakes. She will dream bigger, take on new challenges and embrace a strong work ethic.

This Is Our Moment Priorities

  • Funding for a Director of Learning Support K-12
  • Increased partnerships with DEI office and co-sponsored counseling partnerships
  • PS-12 Wellness Program
  • Peer Health Program
  • Health Colloquium Endowment
  • Renovation of the Dance Studio
  • The Wellness Suite
  • Supporting future advisory professional development
  • Funding to support Employee Wellness Initiatives

Highlight: Teaching Our Girls They Are Enough Right Now

In 2018, Rachel Simmons, an author, educator and girls leadership expert, visited RPCS as our guest speaker for the annual Robinson Health Colloquium. During her visit, Simmons spoke with the 4th- and 5th-grade classes about the importance and challenges of friendships. In her honest and relatable talks with the Middle and Upper Schools, she tackled timely issues, including how to navigate social media in positive ways and the collective pressures of the college application process. In her presentation to parents, Simmons shared  practical advice to help encourage young women to learn to redefine success in healthy ways.
At the end of her talk to the Upper School students, Simmons led a brief guided meditation on self-compassion and then asked five girls to stand and say why they are enough as they are right now. Throughout Simmons’ two-day visit to the RPCS campus, she offered constructive strategies and advice to help guide our girls to be both high-achieving and well — a valuable lesson for any age.