People and Programs


RPCS has never ceased to imagine possibilities. We are moving quickly to put your support to work in building an inclusive community, leadership and entrepreneurship, wellness, and STEM and STEAM. Here is what the campaign has accomplished thus far:

We ensured a lasting commitment to lead for the greater good with the endowment of the Philanthropic Literacy Board. We learned from our fellow Reds, joined the movement for Black Lives, and invested in the work with the creation and expansion of our Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Office. We prioritized the wellness of our students, families, and employees in endowing the Linde Health Colloquium (formerly the Robinson Health Colloquium). We redoubled our emphasis on innovation and creativity as the foundation of all learning by endowing the faculty positions of STEM Institute Director and the STEAM Program Director.

Today, the work continues as we pursue the first ever RPCS Equity Audit and grow our RPCS family through increased Need-Based and Merit Scholarship opportunities.

The possibilities are limitless as we construct uniquely designed RPCS spaces, advance and expand our programs, and support and inspire our people. Join us as we imagine all that comes next.