Volunteer Leaders

Volunteer Leaders

The success of this campaign will be driven by you - our alumnae, parents, past parents, grandparents, and friends. We are particularly thankful for the Roland Park Country School family members that have gone above and beyond in their leadership and support for our people, programs, and places. 

This Is Our Moment Campaign Leadership


Ericka and Russell Croft, P'23, P'27, P'29

Tammy Passano Wiggs, 1997, and Justin Wiggs, P'29, P'31 


Paula and Kyle Gore, P'15, P'17, P'20

Janet Bauer Hartman, 1968, P'96

Holly Cross Heine, 1962* and Jack C. Heine 


Carroll Knott McGill, 1993, P'25, Chair

Toby Noyes, P'16, Chair

Nina Booth, P'21

Robb Cohen, P'17, P'19

Catherine Passano McDonnell, 1994, LT, P'22, P'24, P'27

Doug Ramer, P'13, P'16

Julia Garrett Randolph, 1997, P’27

Steve Susel, P'25

Albert Williams, P'02, GP'31, GP'33 


Katherine Behrens Crosby, 1990, and Scott Crosby, P'27, Chairs        

Cheryl Bernard-Smith and Chip Smith, P'24, Chairs

Bev and Mark Chaney, P'19

Shannell Richardson Cockrell, 1997, and Randy Cockrell, P'21, P'26

Patty and Justin Klein, P'22

Meg and Robb Lawrence, P'23, P'25

Sharri and Greg Rochlin, P'22, P'24

Erin McInnes Shaughnessy, 1998, and Scott Shaughnessy, P'29

Joan F. Smith, HA, and A. Neale Smith, GP'24

Monica and Steve Susel, P'25

Mac Passano, BA, P’94, P’97, P’01, GP'22, GP'24, GP'27, GP’29, GP’31

Duffy and Matthew Weir, P'06, P'08


Mary Renner Beech, 1990, Chair

Carol Dixon Croxton, 1998, P’35, Chair

Catherine Huether McClelland, 1968, Chair

Sarah Morehead Pope, 2006, Chair

Ann O. Daniels, 1983, P'23

Hollis Day, 1985

Neetu Dhawan-Gray, 1972

Barbara Ewing, 1972

Hope Bodie Grenzer, 1990

Jennifer Hearn, 2008

Susan Hovanec, 1988

Liz Lenrow, 2006


Francie Murray Keenan, 1972, P’06, Chair

Buffy Rubenstein Minkin, 1991, P'21, Chair

Juliana Harris, P’21

Shanaysha Sauls, P’21, P’22