Our Core Values

RPCS Core Values

Build each other up: We want to see our peers succeed. We are each other’s most reliable collaborators and loudest cheerleaders. We know that we’re stronger when we work together.

Lead for the greater good: By encouraging girls to understand and celebrate their strengths and by creating an environment where girls empower each other, they are more likely to step into leadership roles, not just for personal gain, but for the greater good.

Seek and embrace diversity: We know that diversity results in better educational outcomes, and it leads to equity and makes our communities stronger. As an institution educating tomorrow’s leaders, pursuing diversity is our responsibility.

Live healthy and be well: We want our students to live healthy, balanced lives, and that starts with an academic program that demands of them reasonably: they are deeply challenged and engaged in their education because they are allowed to be children and teenagers.

Take your seat at the table: What the world needs is for girls to lead the way, authentically and frequently. We bring the best of our girls’ attributes — which are limitless in a single sex environment — to the table to inform better decision-making.