College Recruitment

At RPCS, we are committed to preparing our student-athletes for competition at the next level. Each year, approximately 20% of our graduating class continues their athletic career at the collegiate level. In addition to the 16 varsity sports offered at RPCS, we have also supported the college recruitment process for athletes who compete in sports outside of our offerings.

Our role is to work in collaboration with the College Counseling Department and our sport-specific coaches to find the right fit and level of play for our aspiring collegiate athletes. Our Associate Athletic Director, who serves as the college athletic recruitment liaison, is prepared to handle all NCAA compliance requirements and provide guidance for student-athletes and their families.

With the full scope of college recruitment and sport-specific needs in mind, a balanced college planning process can begin as early as the 9th grade. RPCS is a firm believer that there is a place for all of our student athletes who wish to continue to play a sport at the collegiate level. Our goal is to help each student-athlete find the right fit, both academically and athletically.

For more information, contact Associate Director of Athletics Scott Buckley.

Next Level REDS


Maria Ferariu, 2019
Drexel University
Ja'Niah Henson, 2019
Morgan State University
Aniyah Carpenter, 2018
University of Richmond
Jeydah Johnson, 2017
Long Island University
Jaia Alexander, 2016
Butler University
Ryan Holder, 2016
Towson University 

Cross Country

November Buchanan, 2018
Notre Dame of MD University

Field Hockey

Henna Fraiman, 2018
Gettysburg College
Kelly Fennessy, 2017
Washington and Lee University
Emily Roebuck, 2016
Davidson College


Mia Henry, 2019
Dickinson College


Maya Williams, 2018
Arizona State University


Amber Bustard, 2019
Loyola University Maryland
Casey Feinstein, 2019
United States Naval Academy
Mary Griffin, 2019
Virginia Tech
Lily Insley, 2019
Denison University
Kiki Shaw, 2019
University of Virginia
Adele Spencer, 2019
Jacksonville University
Bella Beattie, 2018
Colorado College
Cabrini Class, 2018
Arizona State University
Sierra Cockerille, 2018
Syracuse University
Bailey Creamer, 2018
Roanoke College
Alex Goles, 2018
Dickinson College
Chelsea Kovinsky, 2018
University of Southern California
Kendall Lambert, 2018
George Washington University
Sophie Furlong, 2017
Vanderbilt University
Cameron McGee, 2017
Georgetown University
Hailey Morris, 2017
Haverford College
Liz Schlerf, 2017
Dickinson College 
Anna Hauser, 2016
University of Virginia
Jodi Credit, 2016
St. Mary's College of Maryland
Maddi Rubino, 2016
Rhodes College
Meghan Quinn, 2016
University of Richmond
Allison Kuhn, 2015
Quinnipiac University


Emily Frieman, 2018
St. Mary's College of MD

Alex Martinson, 2018
University of Delaware

Madison Lindung, 2019
West Virginia University


Suzannah Block, 2019
Goucher College
Mia Clary, 2019
Roanoke College


Caitlin Ellwanger, 2018
Denison University


Casey Wong, 2016
Stanford University
Julia Potter, 2016
Dartmouth College


Julia Ball, 2017
Bentley University