Performing Arts

The Performing Arts program at Roland Park Country School seeks to empower each student with confidence and grace. We treasure, protect and nurture the innate artist in all of our students, while encouraging them to challenge themselves through individual and ensemble explorations in dance, music and theater. While we maintain high performance standards, the focus for the students is primarily on the creative process. Our students discover the joy of sharing their talents collaboratively across all three divisions while gaining a true appreciation and understanding of the importance of the Performing Arts within the school and global community.


The RPCS dance program strives to cultivate confidence and grace in all of our students by promoting movement, collaboration, technique and performance.


The music program at RPCS fosters a love of music for all. We instill in our girls the idea that music builds connection and creates joyfulness, which is epitomized in our shared community songs. 


Opportunities to engage in theater at RPCS, whether as a performer, producer, set builder or stage manager, inspire taking creative risks, sharing ideas with others and discovery through experimentation. 


On the Stage

The Performing Arts Department believes that the stage is an extension of the classroom. Our curricular performances are supplemented and augmented through co-curricular offerings such as the Upper School Musical, the Middle School Musical, and the Upper School Play. Each production team strives to choose material to reflect the diverse talents of our student body, while also choosing topics and themes that are relevant to them as learners. Every Middle and Upper School student is encouraged to audition for their divisional productions. We believe in providing an inclusive environment for all. Our students are involved in every facet of our mainstage performances both on and off stage, including set building, tech crew, and stage management.

In the Classroom

At Roland Park Country School, we believe that every student has a place in the Performing Arts department. From beginners to experienced artists, our classes are designed to build upon students’ strengths and encourage their areas of growth. Our department offers a wide range of courses which are all offered during the school day. In the Performing Arts classrooms, our students explore, create and discover in a collaborative environment. They learn what it means to immerse themselves fully in the performing arts, whether they are crafting their skills as a performer or as a member of the backstage crew. 

In the Classroom by Division:

Lower School
All students participate in dance and music classes from kindergarten through grade 5.

Middle School




Dance 6 

Music 6 

Theatre 6 

Dance 7 

Music 7 

Theatre 7 

Dance 8 – elective 

Chorus – Grades 6, 7, 8 

Theatre 8 – elective 


Music 8 – Eighth Grade Singers – elective 



Music 8 – Art of the Musical –elective 



Upper School

Each student must take ¾ credit (3 semester courses) of Visual and Performing Arts. One of the courses must be completed by the end of ninth grade.  At least ¼ credit (1 semester course) must be in Visual Arts (studio art, ceramics, design, photography) and ¼ credit in Performing Arts (dance, music, theater). The final ¼ credit is the student’s choice. Students may choose from the courses listed below to partially complete this requirement.




Studio Dance 

Piano I/II 

Acting I: Foundations of Theater 

Advanced Studio Dance 

AP Music Theory 

Acting II: Acting Styles 

Composition and Production 

Somettos – Auditioned singing ensemble – Grades 9, 10

Design Elements 

Roses Repertory Dance Company

Semiquavers – Auditioned grade singing ensemble – Grades 9, 10

Directing and Stage Management


Upper School Chorus – Grades 9, 10, 11, 12

Footlights Theater Ensemble – Auditioned theatre ensemble – Grades 11, 12


Auditioned Ensembles

In the Upper School there are three auditioned Performing Ensembles - The Footlights Theatre Ensemble, The Semiquavers and Roses Repertory Dance Company. Every other year these ensembles create an original collaborative production which they tour abroad.  Past tours have included Italy; Greece; Ireland and Scotland; Salzburg, Vienna and Prague.

Semiquavers perform at Carnegie Hall, New York City, 2018


The Macfarlane Arts Center holds a multi-use complex of performance and practice spaces for dance, theater and music and houses the 425-seat Sinex Theater. The Nancy Roche Performing Arts Wing holds the Swingle Chorus Room and the Tyler Studio. 

Ticket Center


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I have not been the first
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