Performing Arts

Art exposes RPCS students to a wide range of human values, including one's place in society, the interplay between nature and the environment, and all that is both beautiful and complex.

The Performing Arts at RPCS allows each student many opportunities to challenge themselves creatively through both individual and collaborative explorations in music, dance and theatre. Our students discover the joy of sharing their talents while they gain a true appreciation and understanding of the arts’ importance within the school and greater community.
In the Upper School there are three auditioned Performing Ensembles - The Footlights Theatre Ensemble, The Semiquavers and Roses Repertory Dance Company. Every other year these ensembles create an original collaborative production which they tour abroad.  Past tours have included Italy; Greece; Ireland and Scotland; Salzburg, Vienna and Prague. The Macfarlane Arts Center holds a multi-use complex of performance and practice spaces for dance, theater and music houses the 425-seat Sinex Theater. The Nancy Roche Performing Arts Wing holds the Swingle Chorus Room and the Tyler Studio. 

Performing Arts Department Head Lisa Diver, 2006


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