What I Learned From Freshman Year
Grace Daniels

Before I started at RPCS, the thought of high school terrified me. Little did I know each day would be full of more opportunities and friendships than I could have imagined. I wanted to give you a few tips that I leaned my freshman year and help me get through high school smoothly while still having fun.

1. Use office hours! Every afternoon after lunch, teachers have their classrooms open for academic help. They are more than willing and excited to go over what was learned in class, help with homework, and provide a space for you to collaborate with classmates. This has helped me stay on top of all the material that is covered and ensure I understand everything as we go. It is also a great time for you to build relationships with your teachers. I often find myself talking about my day, learning about what my teacher personally finds interesting, or what fun activities we can or will be doing in class. Office hours at RPCS is built into your school day and is super convenient so make sure to stop by often.
2. Make time for yourself during the day! While trying to get the overall hang of high school, it is important to find time for you to check in on yourself. RPCS provides great resources and spaces to foster mental health. Talk to one of our counselors even if there isn’t necessarily anything wrong, stop by the café or school store for a treat, or find your favorite spot on campus. (Mine is sitting outside in the courtyard).
3. Don’t be afraid to put yourself out there! One of the best decisions I made my freshman year was running for a leadership position. We have Student Government, Athletic, Fine Arts, and School Activities Associations just to name a few. Your classmates elect representatives to meet, plan events, and make decisions in their respective organization. I was able to make friends with students outside of my grade, gain communication and leadership skills, and contribute ideas. Even if the thought of talking in front of the class may scare you like me, don’t worry because they are all about to be your closest friends.
Everyone at RPCS is here to help you and wants you to succeed. High school is a big, new place, but with that comes so many amazing memories, so get excited! I can’t wait to see you on campus!
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