September Rewind!
Abby McDonnell

Guess what time it is! It’s time for a September rewind! In this blog I am going to highlight some of my favorite traditions and events that occurred throughout the month of September!

This month was a long yet productive one! It is great to be back on campus with not only my friends but the entire school once again! It was great starting off the year with our annual Opening Day Celebration where the seniors make their debut as leaders of the school and where each division can come together after the never-ending summer break! I won’t go into much detail about this day as you have most likely already seen many posts about the celebration, but I felt that I could not write this without a mention of the most spirited day of the year!

At RPCS, in the middle of September, the 10th grade goes on an overnight retreat that is based around group challenges, team building exercises, and stepping outside of your comfort zone. This year due to Covid-19 and weather conditions, the retreat days were limited, only allowing us to travel to the camp for a day trip on Friday. Despite this though, the 10th grade advisors created fun, entertaining, and engaging activities on Thursday to replace those from the camping trip. We started off the day in the dining hall with a Panera breakfast then engaged in group competitions focusing on wellness. Around 11 o’clock the grade was given the choices between taking a yoga or hip-hop class. After those were over, the entire grade came together in the gym to play a game to keep our energy up! We then played some advisory games, went to lunch in the dining hall, and spent the remainder of the afternoon in our advisories as we decorated our advisory flags. We finished the day off with advisory Olympics in the gym where we competed in various events.

The next day, we all arrived at school and left in two busses for the hour and forty-five-minute ride across the bay bridge. Once we got to the camp, we ate some snacks and broke off into advisory groups once again. We were given a camp counselor who led us through numerous low, medium, and high ropes course elements where we were encouraged to step outside of our comfort zones. After the activities, we ate lunch then hopped back on the buses and headed back towards RPCS. Despite the last-minute changes, the trip was very fun, and everyone enjoyed spending time together outside of the regular school day.

At Roland Park, one key aspect of our community is spirit. This was especially seen on the sports field September 30th as varsity field hockey competed in the annual cup game against our rival and sister school, Bryn Mawr. Although we didn’t win the cup back this year, our team kept up the spirit throughout the week leading up to the game. Student-athletes held covid-friendly team dinners the night before the game, and we created a student-lead warm up mix and varsity hype video which we shared with the upper school (check out the IGTV video on the RPCS Instagram!). Along with these events, our team got each other excited minutes before warming up during our pre-game dance party. Overall, September was a very fun and spirited month as it can be seen above!

That’s it for this blog! I hope you enjoyed getting a glimpse of behind-the-scenes events that occurred throughout the month and make sure to check back in next month for more updates! GO REDS!


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