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Ryan Greenlee

I wanted to take December to share 3 reasons why I chose RPCS! I came to RPCS in 8th grade & have never regretted my decision!

Happy December! The holiday joy and spirit is dancing through the halls of RPCS! I wanted to take December to share 3 reasons why I chose RPCS! I came to RPCS in 8th grade & have never regretted my decision!


#1 The Supportive RPCS Community
I have found that not only is the RPCS community super connected, but everyone pushes you to succeed and take risks! From my classmates to my teachers, everyone has supported me since day one! I know that one day I may be watching my best friend’s dance concert, and the next day she is cheering me on at my cross-country meet! My teachers are always there to support me, and want to help me succeed! One story that I love to share is the experience that I had with my chem teacher this fall (shoutout to Ms. Popp :) ). We were prepping for our first unit test and I was truly struggling to retain/understand the material. I went to Ms. Popp’s office hours and she sat with me to work through each concept, not only talking through each concept, but she also cut up paper, color coded my periodic table, and worked with me for over an hour to help me understand the concepts. This isn’t uncommon in the RPCS community, I have found that all of my teachers go out of my way to help me succeed and truly want to understand me in and out of the classroom.


#2 Endless Opportunities
No matter what you’re interested in, RPCS has something that allows you to dive deeper into your interests or jump into something new. From STEM, language, athletics, internships, or art programs, RPCS has something to offer. And not only are these opportunities readily available, but you are also encouraged by your teachers and classmates to pursue these opportunities! One way I have explored my interest of Chinese more is through the independent study program, summer internship program, and the double language certificate. For my independent study, I am an assistant 1st Grade Chinese Teacher. For my summer internship I was a volunteer TA for a Chinese 101 & 102 class run by the organization STARTALK, and for double language, I take Arabic & Chinese! But these opportunities don’t stop in the classroom, they extend all the way to sports or even artistic opportunities!


#3 Spirited Study Body
The RPCS halls are constantly filled with spirit, whether that be on a special Spirit Day, game day, performance day, or even a normal day, RPCS spirit is always there! This tone is set by our iconic Opening Day Celebration, and then carried through the rest of the year with other traditions!

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