Abby McDonnell

 Name: Abby McDonnell
 Year: Sophomore (Class of 2024)
 Clubs/Sports: Field Hockey, Squash, Lacrosse, Red Key Ambassador, STEM Institute
 Fun Fact: I have already attended RPCS for 12 years and am the middle sister currently attending - my older sister is a senior while my younger is in 7th grade.  

My name is Abby McDonnell and this year I will be writing monthly blogs about all the fun and exciting RPCS traditions, events and activities that I attend and partake in. I hope that these short descriptions and inside glimpses of all these wonderful school events will help you gain a better understanding of what kind of fun, outgoing, and spirited community RPCS truly is. Before that though, a little bit about me! In addition to the activities mentioned above, I also participate in a club lacrosse club and sailing outside of school. I am excited to be working towards my STEM Certificate as part of the STEM Institute and would love to see you as a tour guide if you come and tour! Check out the RPCS Instagram and TikTok for daily updates on events and activities and stay tuned here for monthly blogs by yours truly! 

Abby's Blogs

2021 Spirit Week - Seniors
Abby McDonnell

Once again, October was a great month on campus as the days slowly became colder and the trees more colorful. Despite this change in weather however, the RPCS pride and spirit present daily always seemed to be increasing.

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