Little Reds Process

Co-Ed Ages 2 - 4 Years

Littlest Reds: Ages 6 Weeks - 24 Months

  • Complete an inquiry form to learn more about Littlest Reds.
  • Admissions will contact you to schedule a guided tour of Littlest Reds and to answer any questions you may have.

2019-2020  Important Dates

September 6: Little/Littlest Reds New Space Ribbon Cutting

September 18: Littlest Reds Playdate

September 21: imagineYOU at RPCS

October 4: Lower School Open House

October 19: Lower School Fab Lab

October 24: Affording Roland Park Country School

October 30: Lower School Open House

November 9-10: Upper School Musical

November 13: Affording Roland Park Country School

November 16: Realize Reggio!

November 20: Littlest Reds Playdate

December 5: Lower School Open House

December 7: RPCS Holiday Fair

December 11: Littlest Reds Playdate

December 16: Application Deadline

February 12: Littlest Reds Playdate

February 20: Admissions Notification Day 

February 29: Middle School Musical

March 11: Littlest Reds Playdate

April 15: Littlest Reds Playdate

April 21: Spring Open House

April 25:  Realize Reggio!

May 13: Littlest Reds Playdate