World Languages Certificate Program

As our society becomes increasingly globalized, learning a second language is essential, but studying a third language gives our students an enhanced advantage. 

The World Languages Certificate Program recognizes students who concentrate their academic program in non-native languages and who go above and beyond the graduation requirement in this subject area. The purpose of this program is to encourage students to consider the benefits of studying two non-native languages simultaneously during Upper School.

There are three required components to the World Languages Certificate program. Students must formally study two languages beyond the beginning level and double the amount of language credits required for graduation. Students may earn cum laude, magna cum laude, and summa cum laude certificates depending on the number of foreign language credits. Additionally, students must complete an experience that extends the language study to other areas of the student’s life in order to demonstrate the relevance of language acquisition in today’s global society. Finally, at the end of their senior year, students give an oral presentation to the language faculty spoken in both of their languages of study.

"The World Languages Certificate Program encourages students who are passionate about language to extend their learning in ways that will lead them to make connections between what is familiar and what is to be discovered." Beth Venn, world languages department chair