Tri-School Coordination

Three Schools. Two Bridges. One Exceptional Education.

Roland Park Country School is fortunate to partner with The Bryn Mawr School and Gilman School to offer our students the best of both worlds: single-sex education combined with co-education in the junior and senior years. This tri-school coordination allows our Upper School students to enroll in a broad selection of courses across all three schools, with classes in English, mathematics, science, history, foreign language, art history, and visual art. Through our tri-school partnership, nearly 200 electives are offered each year, which is more than some colleges!

This unique program also helps prepare our Upper Schoolers for college by navigating unfamiliar campuses and buildings and planning their travel time between classes and campuses. Many of our alumnae have reported after their first semesters of college that their practice in learning their way around the Gilman School and The Bryn Mawr School and meeting news students made them feel more comfortable on their new university campuses. Pedestrian bridges connect RPCS to the other campuses for safe and convenient access.

The tri-school partnership also extends well beyond the classroom. Students from Gilman School participate in our annual Upper School musicals in the fall and other performances throughout the year. We also come together to “triple the spirit” and cheer on all of our schools’ athletic teams at community events for students and parents.