Student Publications

Student-run publications are a critical part of Roland Park Country School's mission of allowing our students to find their voice and to realize that their voice matters. 

Leaves of Imagination, Literary Magazine
The Leaves of Imagination club produces our Upper School's only creative writing publication. The magazine is almost entirely student-run. The board of students reads student submissions and chooses which ones to publish. They also work to design the overall lay-out and concept of the magazine each year so that it keeps changing and improving over time.

Quid Nunc, Yearbook
Quid Nunc is a club for the yearbook! As a member, you would participate in creating pages and helping organize the pictures. It is a great way to be a part of something that the whole school looks at. Although it is a very fun organization it is important that as a member you stay committed and do not miss the meetings. All grades are welcome!

New this year, Newspaper is a credit course in the Upper School curriculum for juniors and seniors.