Roland Park Country School has over 30 clubs available to our Upper School student body. Find your home with like-minded individuals as you pursue your passions in a fun and safe environment. 

2021-2022 Clubs

American Sign Language Club
The purpose of this club is to learn some basic American Sign Language.

Books from Bears
The goal of our club is to donate gently used books brought in by students and faculty from all divisions to the Maryland Book Bank.

Community Reads
Our non-profit, Community Reads, is looking for students to help spread awareness of the program, find books and activities, write and design lesson plans and present lessons.

Criminal Minds Club
The purpose of this club is for students who are interested in crime to learn more about murders and crime scenes. Students will learn how to walk through a crime scene and properly collect evidence. They will also learn about the psychology of criminals, investigative techniques and what happens when cases go to trial.

CyberPatriot Club
This club offers students who are interested in cybersecurity and in computer science-related fields practical experience and exposure. The goal of the club is to have a team that participates in the Air Force Association’s CyberPatriot Competition for high school students.  

Destination Imagination
Destination Imagination is an international creative problem-solving competition. Elementary, middle, high school and university level teams of up to 7 students choose a main challenge from one of these areas: Technical, Fine Arts, Improvisation, Engineering, Scientific, or Service Learning. They work together throughout the year to build a creative solution to their chosen challenge, incorporating a set of required elements along with their own choices. Teams also practice Instant Challenges that test their ability to think on their feet as they face various tasks. An RPCS DI team advanced to the Global Finals level in 2018 and 2019!

Dungeons & Dragons (D&D) Club
The purpose of this club is to bring people together who enjoy playing Dungeons and Dragons in a fun and relaxing environment.

Girl Up
Girl Up is a campaign founded by the United Nation Foundation in 2010 and works across a global community of partners to achieve gender equality worldwide. This organization focuses on social justice issues including gender equality, gender violence and education. It is a movement to advance girls’ skills, rights and opportunities to lead.

Honorary Ceramics Club
This club gives students who do not take a ceramics class, but who still want to learn ceramics, a chance to work with clay and wheels.

Improv Club
The purpose of this club is to practice improv and to have fun!

The purpose of LivingInEquality is to organize donation drives and other events that will give money and other items back to the greater Baltimore community.

Med Club
The purpose of our club is to provide students with a glimpse of what becoming a doctor, or going into a medical field would look like, as well as to provide connections for those students. We would have speakers come in within the field to speak with students. We also hope to continue to use RPCS alumnae as some of our connections.

Mental Health Awareness Club
This club was created to spread awareness of mental health issues and to offer support to our students in their time of need.

Model UN
The purpose of this club is to explore and teach students about the working of the United Nations. Members will learn how to prepare and participate in a real conference.

One Love Club
The purpose of our club is to raise awareness about relationship violence with a focus on ALL relationships students may encounter.

Peer Health
Peer Health’s purpose is to educate the younger girls in the RPCS community and inform them about topics that may trouble them as they transition through adolescence. Peer Health officers have many ideas for orientation/retreat ideas to better train future teachers. The student leaders will be those who are chosen through a selective application process. The goal is to have a maximum of 30 teachers, which will enhance the relationship between peer health teachers and the younger students. The smaller number of teachers will allow more focus and more in-depth conversations in the classroom.

Peer Mentors
Peer Mentors works with girls in both the Lower School and Middle School to help them grow into strong young women. These girls may need our help with reading, math, social life, or they may just need somebody to talk to, and we are open to helping them out with anything.

Polar Bear Plunge Club
Polar Bear Plunge Club will raise money for the Special Olympics and participate in the annual Cool Schools Plunge.

Red Cross Club
This club is an extension of the American Red Cross. Students will be given an opportunity to participate in service work and projects surrounding disaster relief and safety/health.

Our purpose is to create a sports broadcasting group of RPCS students to video and communicate RPCS athletic events.

Robotics Club
The purpose of this club is for students to construct a robot designed to compete in the FTC Challenge. We hope to work together to create an open environment with strong teamwork, collaboration, and effort.

Ronald McDonald Club
The goals of this club include making meals for families at the Ronald McDonald House, volunteering at charity events and races, and visiting children in pediatric hospitals.

Shark Tank Club
The purpose of the club is to learn about entrepreneurship and challenge students to create a business/product which will be pitched to the “sharks” at the end of the year. 

Sunrise Trischool
The club’s mission is environmental based progressive activism which is done within the tri-school community rather than individual schools.

Technical Theater Club
Our purpose is to introduce students to, learn about and appreciate technical theater. 

Think Pink Society
This club strives to get the RPCS community more involved in breast cancer awareness and teaches the effects breast cancer may have on those diagnosed, their families and their communities.

Young Democrats Club
This club is for students who are interested in expanding their knowledge of the Democratic Party’s leaders, strengths and weaknesses in order to obtain an unbiased understanding of the party and further develop their political beliefs. The club will also discuss current events, social justice initiatives and discuss bills being considered in Congress.

Young Filmmakers Club
The purpose of the club is to be a welcoming place where students can express their passions for filmmaking, writing, acting and directing. Leadership skills will also be taught.

Young Progressives Club
The purpose of our club is to have a space to teach and hold discussions about current events. Students will learn about each other’s views using debates and information sessions where everyone can speak. Because intersectionality is very important in progressive spaces, our discussions will overlap with LGBTQ+ topics, race and wealth.

Young Republicans Club
The purpose of our club is to provide a fun and inclusive environment to discuss politics and current events from a more conservative perspective. We want to help educate and support all members and be open to any ideas, viewpoints, questions and concerns.

Zen Club
The club’s goals are to provide learning and mindfulness to our community. We want members of the club to understand the meaning of wellness and how to use it in their lives by learning relaxing meditation practices.