Roland Park Country School has over 30 clubs available to our Upper School student body. Find your home with like-minded individuals as you pursue your passions in a fun and safe environment. 

2023-2024 Clubs

A-OK (Acts of Kindness) Club
The purpose of this club is to bring acts of kindness to the Roland Park community and beyond including community service programs, uplifting messages, recycling, and overall taking care of our community.

American Sign Language Club
The purpose of this club is to learn some basic American Sign Language.

Bookdrive Club
This club will organize the annual RPCS book drive to the Maryland Book Bank.

Ceramics Club
Ceramics Club gives everyone the chance to work in ceramics even if they have no experience. It's for anyone who wants to come try ceramics.

Claire Marie Club
We are a club meant to raise awareness for melanoma and inform teens on the dangers of the sun and how to prevent it. We will do so through fun fundraisers, short presentations, and more!

Criminal Minds Club
The purpose of this club is for students who are interested in crime to learn more about murders and crime scenes. Students will learn how to walk through a crime scene and properly collect evidence. They will also learn about the psychology of criminals, investigative techniques and what happens when cases go to trial.

CyberPatriot Club
This club offers students who are interested in cybersecurity and in computer science-related fields practical experience and exposure. The goal of the club is to have a team that participates in the Air Force Association’s CyberPatriot Competition for high school students.  

Dungeons & Dragons (D&D) Club
The purpose of this club is to bring people together who enjoy playing Dungeons and Dragons in a fun and relaxing environment.

The purpose of this club is to allow students to express their own fashionable style by learning how to sew, plan a fashion show, up-cycle, and practice sustainable fashion habits and steps.

The purpose of this club is to provide entertainment and let people have some fun to end the day.

Hip Hop Club
Hip hop squad is a space meant for all levels of dancers to come together and create beautiful pieces. Collaboration and stepping into discomfort are crucial in dance and Hip Hop Squad will create that safe environment where anyone is welcome to come, have fun, and try new things. We hope to perform at the Spring Dance Concert.

Improv Club
The purpose of this club is to practice improv and to have fun!

KTB Club
KTB stands for "Know the Bible." The goal of this club is to have a smaller group than FOCUS, but work in tandem with them, for Bible study and/or deeper discussions about the Bible and God working in our lives.

The purpose of LivingInEquality is to organize donation drives and other events that will give money and other items back to the greater Baltimore community.

Med Club
The purpose of our club is to provide students with a glimpse of what becoming a doctor, or going into a medical field would look like, as well as to provide connections for those students. We would have speakers come in within the field to speak with students. We also hope to continue to use RPCS alumnae as some of our connections.

Mental Health Awareness Club
This club was created to spread awareness of mental health issues and to offer support to our students in their time of need.

Military Veterans Club
Military Veterans Club will be a fun experience where students will have the opportunity to earn service hours through community based projects and fundraisers. These community initiatives will help to support veterans and active duty military as well as their families. This club is not political and is designed to help everyone in all branches of service.

Mock Trial Club
Mock Trial strives to provide an opportunity for students to learn more about law and what it takes to present a case in court. Students will learn about case law, practice arguing a case, and ultimately prepare to compete against other clubs.

Model UN
The purpose of this club is to explore and teach students about the working of the United Nations. Members will learn how to prepare and participate in a real conference.

One Love Club
The purpose of our club is to raise awareness about relationship violence with a focus on ALL relationships students may encounter.

Pickleball Club
The purpose of Pickleball Club is to join together all grades with an amazing and fun sport.

Polar Bear Plunge Club
Polar Bear Plunge Club will raise money for the Special Olympics and participate in the annual Cool Schools Plunge.

Quid Nunc Club
Quid Nunc is a club for the yearbook!  As a member, you would participate in creating pages and helping organize the pictures. It is a great way to be a part of something that the whole school looks at. Although it is a very fun organization it is important that as a member you stay committed and do not miss the meetings. All grades are welcome!

REDS Dance Club
The purpose is to learn a dance and perform the dance in the Spring Dance Concert. Our goal is to get students who are not necessarily involved in the dance program at RPCS to try something new and have fun dancing with their friends.

Robotics Club
The purpose of this club is for students to construct a robot designed to compete in the FTC Challenge. We hope to work together to create an open environment with strong teamwork, collaboration, and effort.

RPCS Social Media Club
The purpose of this club is to share the different voices of RPCS students on social media and the RPCS website.

Russian Club
The purpose of this club is to help teach about Russian culture and language. This club will introduce and talk about Russian news and current events as well as traditions and culture.

Scouting Club
The purpose of the club is to have fun and learn basic scouting skills such as knots, lashings, first aid, and navigation. It will also help those learn more about and get connected with scouting programs such as ScoutsBSA. People can join in on hikes and campouts happening in troop 635.

Special Olympics Club
The purpose of this club is to educate people on what the Special Olympics is, raise money for their events and fundraisers, and attend & volunteer at Special Olympics events around us!

Speech and Debate Club
The purpose of the speech and debate club is to empower and teach students how to lead and participate in thorough debates with their peers. By participating in this club, an individual’s self-confidence and public-speaking skills become more increased and effective, and additionally it can aid students in gaining essential writing and listening skills.

Spikeball Club
The purpose of this club is to relieve stress by playing spike ball against each other.

Sustainability Club
The purpose of this club is to encourage sustainable habits in the Upper School and maintain & expand the US gardening program.

Think Pink Society
This club strives to get the RPCS community more involved in breast cancer awareness and teaches the effects breast cancer may have on those diagnosed, their families and their communities.

White Students Confronting Racism (WSCR)
We believe it is the responsibility of white students, rather than BIPOC (Black, Indigenous, and people of color) students to educate ourselves and others about individual, systematic, and institutionalized racism.  Our purpose is to organize educational and community-based initiatives that combat racism locally and on a broader scale.

Young Democrats Club
This club is for students who are interested in expanding their knowledge of the Democratic Party’s leaders, strengths and weaknesses in order to obtain an unbiased understanding of the party and further develop their political beliefs. The club will also discuss current events, social justice initiatives and discuss bills being considered in Congress.

Young Filmmakers Club
The purpose of the club is to be a welcoming place where students can express their passions for filmmaking, writing, acting and directing. Leadership skills will also be taught.

Young Progressives Club
The purpose of our club is to have a space to teach and hold discussions about current events. Students will learn about each other’s views using debates and information sessions where everyone can speak. Because intersectionality is very important in progressive spaces, our discussions will overlap with LGBTQ+ topics, race and wealth.

Young Republicans Club
The purpose of our club is to provide a fun and inclusive environment to discuss politics and current events from a more conservative perspective. We want to help educate and support all members and be open to any ideas, viewpoints, questions and concerns.

Zen Club
The club’s goals are to provide learning and mindfulness to our community. We want members of the club to understand the meaning of wellness and how to use it in their lives by learning relaxing meditation practices.